Saturday, July 25, 2009

A package from Georgia!!

Dear Debbie and Connor and the entire Khoury family
Thank you so so so very much for the stunning package that arrived for Deqlan all the way from Georgia, USA!!

I was so thrilled Debbie, when you said you were going to send Deqlan some Thomas board shorts, but never dreamed they could be as cute as they are - they are absolutely gorgeous and i cant wait for Deqlan to put them on to celebrate his 3rd Birthday in! They are to beautiful and you can see by the photos Deqlan was just as thrilled with them!
Thank you so much also for all the other surprises in the package - Deqlan LOVES the Nemo yoyo and we even heard him say Nemo after i told him who it was! The Nemo arm bands will also be put to very good use when summer comes around again!
The glow in the dark bangles where a huge hit with Deqlan and Keaton and the boys shook them and bit them and shook them some more and lit up our hotel room in Durban with the glow sticks.
The Thomas stickers are gorgeous and i promise Deqlan is going to enjoy them along with all the paints and paper and crafts - they are so lovely!
Thank you so much Debbie and the rest of the family for being so thoughtful and caring and thinking of our Deqlan! Thank you to for your touching card and beautiful words, we are so blessed to have friends like you even if its on the other side of the world! Prayers for Connor always and especially for Sam at this time to! For you all, always
Hope your little surprises reach you soon to!
God Bless, thanks so so much, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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