Saturday, July 11, 2009

Angels - Missy and Ryan Morgan

We ask you to pray for the family of Missy and Ryan Morgan, as they both became angels this week.

Missy, was Ryans Mom who fought breast cancer for many years and lost her battle on Thursday.

Ryan, or Super Ryan as he was so fondly know, battled neuroblastoma for many years, and joined his mommy in heaven on Friday.

Please pray for the rest of their family, who lost two of the most precious families members in two days.Please pray for Gods guidance and strength and comfort.

What a courageous Mom to fight her own cancer battle and have to watch her son also fighting neuroblastoma.

God Bless and thank you


Lacey said...

Oh my Gosh, two family members in two days? Sometimes I wonder if there really is a God and what he's thinking. Praying for their family during this hard time.

rhenda Elsayed said...

That is so prayers go out to the family,May God give them strength and comfort.