Thursday, July 16, 2009


Our celebration photo from earlier today - we had to hide the other cupcakes, and you can see how Deqlan was eyeing out this cupcake - after the photo, Deqlan made a dart for it, and was very upset when we had to make it disapear, but we settled him with one of his special biscuits!

Dear Keaton

Happy 18 months big boy !!!! I cant believe how time has flown , and what a gorgeous young fellow you have grown up to be!

Stay as cute, as curious , as clever and as fun as you are! Always know how much you are loved!
I cant help but smile when i hear you arriving at Nanna's house!
Our days are filled with laughter and joy with you and Deqlan and Logan to teach us and i am so happy that you and Deqlan have started playing together and dont worry big boy, learning how to share is all part of being cousins, one day soon, you will both be able to do it so well!
What a special day it is today for Deqlan to share his 18 Months NED anniversary with you! What a special day, upward and onward to two!
God Bless you gorgeous guys and lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Anonymous said...

Dear mark ,Sam,deqlan,bev and family,
Just thanking God for HIs healing and restoring of deqlan and fulfilling His promise in jeremiah about the plans He had for Deqlan life.
Thinking and praying for you all.
Love Ruth xxx

The Preister's said...

18 months...are you kiding me?!! Where does time go!!!!

Check out my blog from today when you have a chace, a GREAT GREAT friend found out her little guy (3) has Wilms tumor. What is going on in this world that so many babes are suffering, something has to change.