Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Madiba

To the one and only Madiba
Wishing you the most wonderful and spectacular 91st Birthday
It is an honor to be a South African, its with pride that we can say we come from the same country as the man who changed so many things about our country and our world
You are a hero and an icon, and we know that generations to come are going to continue looking up to you
If our overseas visitors didnt know, Madiba has requested as his gift today, to give 67 minutes of your time to helping somebody else in need today - he spent 67 years fighting for freedom, so a lot of South African celebrities are going to be visiting old age homes today, kids in hospital etc - what a great idea
God Bless Madiba, and many many many more!
Love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan
Derek & Bev
Conrad Meggie and Keaton

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