Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meet the new members of our family!

Oupa Chris came to visit from Durban, and Deqlan loved showing his high fives and gorgeous smiles to him!
If you dont know by now, the only other person that loves Coldplay just as much as I do is Logan!! Meggie was showing Logan the picture that Chris Martin signed for her, when Meggie met him on a flight between Hong Kong and Singapore - Logan was in awe!

The three biggest blessings in our family!

The GORGEOUS box Kathy made for Deqlan, by hand! Its so beautiful Kath, i cant thank you enough, Deqlan loves it and its got our favorite animal on - a frog! WE CONTINUE TO REMAIN FULLY RELIANT ON GOD! Thank you Kath!!!
Meet some of the new members of our family - 1, 2, 3, 4 , you can see number 5 in the background - on this day, the penguin was accepted to be a part of the frog family, lucky guy!
Hello Everyone!
I have lots of posts to catch up on so here you go with the first!
Meet, the new members of our family,1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - they are a family of frogs that Deqlan ADORES. They are carried around by Deqlan all day, everyday - the bath with Deqlan, they eat with Deqlan, the sit on his lap in the car. The even get layed out on his pillow when we go to sleep. As he put each one out, he says '1,2,3" and so on, and he is so proud that after each number he looks at us to make sure we are counting with .
The most amazing thing is that not only can Deqlan count the frogs , he can count anything else - he loves counting. We also noticed in the past few days that if there are three characters , 3 bunnies for example on the tv, he can immediately see the three, and says three - he doesnt have to cant from 1 to 3, to know 3 ( or any other number up to ten) he can just say the number he see's.
This morning on Mickey Mouse Club house, one of the mouseka tools was three blocks, with the numbers 3,5 and 8 and them, Deqlan immediately told us the numbers...
We are so very very proud of our beautiful boy! We have heard that children on the autism spectrum can become very good with maths and numbers and the alphabet (which Deqlan continues to say everyday, so beautifully) because they are things that cant change - the alphabet is the alphabet - it cant change. Numbers are numbers, they cant change - kids on the spectrum thrive on predictability and on things that dont change
Speaking of bunnies, this has also become a favorite with Deqlan - especially the programme HOPLA on koowee tv - i discovered by accident, flipping through the channels, but have been so glad i found it! Deqlan shrieks with laughter and pure joy watching the bunnies hop around, teaching the 'maatjies' (afrikaans word for friends) about shapes and colours and letters and numbers - DEQLAN LOVES LOVES LOVES THEM - Hip, Hop, Flip and Flop!!
Deqlan also has a thing with three's at the moment - if the frogs are having a break from being carried around, its 3 Thomas and friends trains, or three pots of paint or three watering cans ( i had to buy three in the toy shop in Scotburgh, but Deqlan loves them, awesome buy i think!)

So cute to watch and hey three stands for three little letters i love N.E.D!
Hoping you will be hearing lots from me in the days to come with all the photos, stories and thanks!
God Bless have an awesome day
Lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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Elriza Paul said...

Wow,Yay for Deqlan, soon you'll be counting till 300!