Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hello All

Please sign the petition above - just a click on the gold link above and you are set..please sign it and forward it on to everyone you know - please help us stand together in this fight and get to the cure


The Petition has become a rallying cry for us. It serves to raise awareness of those that read and sign it. It serves to recruit new PAC2 members. And one day it will serve to show that 1 in 300 Americans are fed up with this whole problem that our children, our "warriors", have to deal with. 1 in 300 ring a bell? It's the least we can do for them.So, we challenge you. This week, the next 7 days. Each PAC2 member. Somehow, someway get 25 new signatures on the Petition. 3 or 4 a day: EASY! Get more - Ask them to spread it within their circle of friends and family.Seven days. Nearly 250 new diagnosis. 500 new Moms and Dads. Let's give them hope before they even come to realize the huge problem with childhood cancer awareness and funding.We can give you codes to put on your sites, we can show you how to link pictures, we can show you how to make links clickable......all those things make it easier. We will post how to do all that.Come on, we know you're sick of hearing about the petition. Let's just do it, get the million signatures and we can move to the next initiative.Let's send the gift of hope this season.

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