Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Samms little helpers

Keaton helping Nanna clean up
Meggie and Logs decorating the biscuits
hundreds and thousands, millons and trillions!
yum, yum!
just tall enough to help himself!

Logs spraying the pine cones with snow

Bev and Logs decorating pine cones!

we have been having tuns of fun the last 2 days doing real Christmas things instead of running around the shops like we do every other year. I have had lots of little helpers preparing all the ideas and Christmas goodies i have in mind for Our Christmas day celebrations.

we have been baking biscuits and icing them and decorating them and i think the people who enjoyed it the most are definitely three little elves called Deqlan, Logan and Keaton! Hundreds and thousands turned into millions and billions all over Deqlans face and hands and Nannas floor! Deqlan was covered in green icing from head to toe and Nanna in cream soda and icing from head to toe- we looked like Shreks family yesterday! Keaton was covered in dark pink icing today a, real little Christmas elf! Thank you Nanna, Logan, Meggie, Deqlan and Keaton for helping to create such lovley biscuits which i hope we are all going to enjoy on Christmas day - another true gift of Christmas time is doing things like this together as a family!

Some very sad news is that Conrads Cousins little 3 year old, Juan, suddenly passed away on Friday afternoon while he had his afternoon nap. Sending your entire family our deepest sympathies, love and prayers for Our Lords hand and guidance over you all.

Please pray for the Du Plessis family and their extended families , especiallu for Juans parents and his little brother of 3 months old.

God Bless, all our love
Mark , Samm , Deqlan and Logan
MARK 9;23

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