Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10 Dec 2007

This time, this day, last year, 10 Dec 2007 - Deqlan had just come out of surgery to remove the remainder of the tumor, close to his adrenal gland - it was a two and a half hour wait that felt like forever, but relief to see Prof Beale come out the theatre telling us everything went well- even though he found a lot more to undo then he originally thought.

I thank Our Lord that what was left was ganglioneuroma, all dead cells . I thank You Lord that Deqlan recovered so well, thank you for the amazing job Prof Beale and Dr Welsh did , they will forever remain in our prayers and thanks, along with Dr De Jager - thank You Lord that today is another mark of Deqlan being a 1 year post chemo, residual tumor removal survivor!

Thank you to you all for always checking in on us and most importantly for your continued prayers for Deqlan, may they never ever ever end.

Please Dear Lord Jesus, have mercy on Deqlan and continue to keep him NED forever and ever and ever. Please lead all our warriors around the world to NED to.

God Bless you all, thanks and hugs for our soldier Deqlan and his very very proud parents
Mark, Samm, Deqlan



Caden Paul said...

Wow, what a journey you guys have made, and to think that was only a year ago, and look at your little soldier now!!! We celebrate this day with you!
See you Saturday!

Lots of Love
Elriza, Wes & Caden

Anonymous said...

To Our Precious Darling Deqlan,

Today is truly a day of thanksgiving to our Great God, since it was exactly one year ago today, that He, himself, used as His earth instruments Prof. Beale, Dr. Welsh, the nursing staff at Morningside and of course, Dr de Jager to ensure your residual tumour removal went exactly according to His plan.

Our Healing Saviour, THANK YOU, THANK YOU that Prof Beale could remove all but the slighest remnants of the "dead" tumour. THANK YOU that through Prof Beales expertise, he was able to prevent further complications that could have arisen due to parts of the tumour being tightly wrapped around Deqlan's renal artery. THANK YOU that YOU guided the right decision for Samm and Mark to have the tumour removed as the renal artery strangulation would not otherwise have been discovered. THANK YOU that the histology report confirmed "ganglioneuroma tissue" as this was our sign that the chemotherapy had done its job properly and had worked on Your authority. THANK YOU that Deqlan's complete recovery from this surgery was so unproblematic and just routine, even down to mild pain levels. THANK YOU that You were with Samm and Deqlan every single second in that ward during his post-operative period.

Deqlan, our precious hero, you are an inspiration to us; we have learnt some of our most valuable lessons in life at your little feet. We are so honoured to be your grandparents. Mommy Samm, the way you have faced your challenges with courage, love, devotion, faith, hope, determination, with such grace and dignity, makes and will continue to make us so very humble and so very proud to be your parents. Daddy Mark, your steadfast faith, hope, love, courage and support contributed greatly to the overall positive result in every way as you are Deqlan's hero !
Lord, You have blessed us with the greatest gift - Deqlan's NED status. It is and will forever remain our humble and heartfelt prayer that YOU will ensure that Deqlan will remain NED for the rest of his very, very, long and happy life as the little hero and huge inspiration and fountain of love, faith and hope that he is.

God bless Samm, Mark, Deqlan and Logan all the days of their lives.
Know that we could NOT love you more.

All our love,

Nanna and Grandpa
Mom/Bev and Dee

Debbie said...

How far your little soldier has come, in such a short amount of time. Thank you for sharing precious Deqlan with the rest of us-I know my life has been touched and made better by seeing his battle against NB, and just by watching him enjoy life-made possible through your words and pictures Samm. What a great mom you are!
Debbie and Connor

Anonymous said...

It is always so amzing to read your updates, and hear your amazing faith, your have a beautiful little boy, who is in our prayers each day along with the other children who are still battling this monster. Thank you for sharing this journey, and for touching my life and opening my eyes and heart to a cause that has touched me deeper than I could have ever thought. Deqlan is so blessed to have such a great mom as you are blessed to have him.

Ferreira Family said...

What a tough journey you have all been on.... But with God by your side you all have made it through this and what a great gift, the pure miracle of Deqlan running around, laughing and interacting with children..

Samm, I know that in your heart of hearts you are very brave and you are such a wonderful mom to Deqlan... When i see you with Deqlan, i see pure love and admiration beam from you for your precious son.. He is definately something to be proud of... With your rock(Mark) always by your side you have come through a lot.. You & Mark can take a little breather now and just enjoy your miracle, enjoy the most presious gift, Deqlan..

Deqlan, you amaze us each day! For someone so little yet so wise already, you have conquered a major obsatacle.. You are a true warrior for the Lord and I know that Our Father God holds your hand every day in all you do.. You are learning so much and you are so very busy but that is the way it should be.. Let me tell you, you have amazing parents, they are so patient, kind, loving, courageous and faithful. They are your guardian angels on earth along with your loving Nanna & Grandpa and wonderful Aunt Meggie and Uncle Conrad and little Keaton... You are a true shining star and we can see the Lords love beam from your most gorgeous smile!! Keep that smile on your precious face big boy, you are mean't for great things!

Congrats, you have all conquered a major hurdle and may God Bless you all in all that lays ahead of you!!

Deqlan is so precious and we can't thank u enough for allowing us in your life and letting us meet and spend time with your miracle!.

Lots of love & Hugs
P.S Deqlan, Hannah can't wait for the next play date, you two are going to be great friends!