Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Please help us to help Baby Declan

Hello Deqlans prayer army!

I come to you today asking you for some much needed help for our little friend Declan. If you havent had the pleasure of 'meeting' him and his family you can follow on his website

For those of you not familiar with his story - Declan was diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomysarcoma at just 11 days of age

He has endured many rounds of chemo and a surgery to remove the bulk of the tumor pressing from behind his eye. It has been discovered that the cancer has spead to a lymph node in his neck, which is growing by the day, the best option for him now is to start radiation this week, which is going to cause damage to his bones and teeth.

My first request to you all, is to please please pray for Declans miracle, that Our Lord will heal this beautiful soldier and that he will remain cancer free all the days of his life.

My second request to you all , is that you pass this message on to everyone you can to spread the prayer request for his healing

My third request to those of you who can is to support a project his family has undertaken in selling t shirts to raise money for the ever increasing costs of Declans treatment - please see details as follows:

Hi all
Thank you for your support and prayers and special messages for Declan, Darryl and Gillian
We are looking at a variety of things of how to help them raise money for Declan’s medical costs. If we raise enough money to cover his Medical costs, whatever is left over is automatically donated to Choc
We are printing t-shirts
If you would like to order, herewith detail
R80 per t-shirt, if we need to post them, please add a R20 for postage fee
I am attaching, photos in the Gallery of the two options that can be printed on the t-shirts. If you would like to order, please specify which of these two versions
We have already printed
MEDIUM But we can have small and kiddy sizes printed as well.
If you would like to order , just e-mail detail to me please , I will give you more detail if required.
Could you please e-mail me before Friday 6th December, so that I can get them printed and get them to you a.s.a.p
Thank you and God Bless

Thank you all in advance for opening your prayers, hearts and minds to supporting this beautiful soldier

God Bless and thank you

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