Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas celebrations, an Unforgetable, Blessed Day

Getting ready for Scottborough sand!
We got our photo with Father Christmas even though he was pastic!
Logan in Santas chair - he has already gone back to the north pole...
big cook little cook welcome to our cafe...
Family the best Christmas gift!
Conrad and Deqlan having a great time
Deqlans two new best friends Thomas and Percy - they BOTH have to come together wherever we go!

Our big and small boys in their wheels Grandpa and I
Mom and me

putting Thomas train set together
ill put it together!
best friends already
wow! Its Thomas from Nanna and Grandpa!

always in the water
Deqlan, Nanna and Stuffy
Logs on her jet ski from Kevin and Louise Dee and Mom
Logan having a great time
The Du Plessis fam
Grandpa and Nan
The delicous starters Meggie made
Gaynor and Tyler
Cheers everyone!
Meggie opening her gift from Mom
Keaton and his new Barney
Mark and I
Kevin and Louise
Logs in her roller skates from Louise
Nan and Grandpa opening gifts
Gaynor and Tyler
Keaton enjoying all the opening

Hannah Montana yeah!
Deqlan dancing before going to have a very long nap..
I love presents!
Our family Christmas tree, the gifts are each other
Presents for Africa!
The name places we made
The Christmas table
Deqlans place setting
our theme was stars - to symbolise following Our Lord, and because Deqlan LOVES stars!

My Thomas set from Uncle Ken, Aunty Jen Keje and Jeran! I LOVE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Our budding Richard Clayderman!
Deqlan ,Thomas and Percy, best of friends
Thomas, move over Dub ( but just for a little while)
Christmas morning

Deqlan and Mama on Christmas eve
My Christmas gift
Our other Christmas gift
Deqlan has just started clapping and he even pointed - another gift!


Debbie said...

I just loved looking at all the beautiful pictures of your sweet family! Merry Christmas and we aresending prayers, love, and blessings to you all for 2009.
Debbie & Connor

Connor is a HUGE Thomas fan right now as well, our boys love the same things it seems!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics my friend. Look like you guys had an amazing day! I can't believe how big Deqlan and Logan are getting. You and Mark must be very proud of them. Logs looks like a very protective big sister, and seems to enjoy Keaton too. Please give them all a big cuddle from us.

Enjoy your holidays and drive safe.

Miss and love you

Sam xxxx (and Don, Mia and Liam) xxx

Debbie said...

Glad you guys had a great Xmas. Samm you really did a good job, your tables everything looked beautiful.

The kids looked like they had a great time. How lucky they are to be blessed and loved by such an anazing family.

Enjoy your holiday and may God keep you and your Family safe. Scottbrough..ah.i lived there for 1 year before we left SA. Spent many happy moments there and had Hannah must try Enzo,s Pizza, tell him Debbie Mc Donnell sent you. Best pizza in the world.

Justin and i spent many dinners there. We even had our own table. Ah.memories.home sweet home........

have great one.........