Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome Home Logan!

Deqlan 'stealing' Logans food 'yours looks much better then mine!'

our water babies

keaton giving logs plenty of hugs!

great grandpa and nan, what a blessing they could be with us!

Nanna & Meggie

The thinkers, Conrad and Dee

Granny and Logan

Kevin, Grandpa Quintin and Louise

wow - i got my very own camera from granny and grandpa!
a minnie album from kevin and louise for all the photos i am going to take!
Conrad the tickle machine!
cool! Hannah Montana stuff from Conrad, Meggie and Keaton

Logan loves to pick Keaton up every chance she gets!

Deqlan and Thomas enjoying caramel swiss roll for breakfast!

this is what Deqlan looked like 20 minutes before our photo shoot, so we had to get him in the bath, again! I think he does this on purpose, Deqlan loves to bath!

Thanks Uncle Derek, Bev, Great Nan and Grandpa for all my goodies, you spoil me!

A crown for Logans crown Birthday
Already big buddies
building puzzles with Conrad and Meggie

In Bevs Zen Garden
it took us 45 minutes to get the boys out of here!
Vanessa and Ethan, look how i have grown!
Lets play Deqlan!
Hannah and her granny!
Deqlan has discovered that his fingers can go into his ears!
jump jump sugar lump
Happy 2nd Birthday Hannah

already great friends, Deqlan doesnt like us holdig hands though and shows his 'jealousy' by loosening our hands - but this emotion is a great sign as a lot of kids on the spectrum dont wouldnt care!
the first photo of brother and sister in 19 months! what a blessing to have them back together again!

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Ferreira Family said...

Logan, we are so pleased to have met you at Hannah's party. Thanks for coming!! Hope you enjoyed being at home with your dad, samm and Deqlan!!

Samm, pictures are stunning....

Have a wonderful evening and God Bless you all!

Love us