Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Marks Gran came to visit all her family here in Gauteng- she stays in Hermanus in the Cape with all the beautiful whales! It was lovely to se you Gran and i thoroughly enjoyed our chats and time together, and so glad you got to know Deqlan and Logan a little more! Thank you for your continued prayers for our precious Deqlan, you are such an important part of Deqlans prayer army, thanks for all you do for us !
Mark with his Gran and Mom, Aunty Rene broke her arm when she fell off a ladder and tried to break her fall! We hope you feel better soon Aunty Rene

I think this is such a lovely pic - thanks so much again to you Gran and Aunty Rene for all the beautiful things you bought for Scrub a dub dub, you are so thoughtful and i cant wait to see the kids faces, especially the little girls when they see their nail art stickers, thank you so much!

Hannah and Deqlan getting to know each other!

Hannah saying "cheese" she poses so nicely for the camera, you are so cute and clever Hannah and we hope you come and play soon again!

This is Heidi with her new little boy Michael - isnt he gorgeous? Deqlan thought so - we have never ever seen him react to another child, let alone baby like he did - he kept smiling and touch and feeling Michael- he was so excited! So you have to come visit again Heidi! Thanks so much again to you and your lovely family for all the amazing goodies you got for us for Scrub a dub dub, thank you
This is Deqlan sitting on Nannas lap, holding a butterfly he found outside. He held it ever so gently and lovingly, he really seems to love butterflies as he smiles at them on his dvds to!
Gran, Keaton and I - just before Deqlan decided to step into the neighbours pond! He get soaking wet and as i started taking his other clothes off, he started laughing thinking that i was undressing him so he could go and swim!

Gran, Meggie and Keaton
I call this picture, Wacky Wednesday . After we saw the dietician 2 weeks ago we started giving Deqlan honey to take his omega oils in , as he has nothing else fatty to absorb it with. Deqlan really changed after the honey - tantrums, not wanting to be anywhere else except in my car and he asked me to take him driving about ten times last Wednesday - the other thing that was new , is that he started lining things up again! He hasnt in months. There was a line of around 30 trains, cars, tractors - anything with four wheels the length of our entire corridor, and little lines in other areas of the house. I was really concerned Deqlan had regressed - But Dr Lindenberg told us to get him off the honey and see what happened - guess what - he was a completly different child the next day - so sugar is definitely a no no for Deqlan , it definitely affects his behavior and worses the red flags , which he has been coping so well with!
This are the most beautiful coasters my friend Claire made for me for Mothers day - i joke with her and ask her where on earth she gets the time to do all the things she does for others - she really has been such a help in so many ways - thank you so much Claire for this touching gift, they are to beautiful and the words have such a profound meaning to me - i hope 1 day i can create something just as beautiful for you!
Keaton playing peek a boo - guess who taught him to hide behind a door and close it? Deqlan of course! I caught him in the act at Meggies house
Coreen and Deqlan playing - Coreen really has a way with Deqlan , they just connect !
Finally! I got my turn to hold Mr Malakai on a visit to Meggies house - he is the cutest thing ever and his hair to gorgeous for words - eat your heart out David Beckham!
Megs and Mark
Deqlan enjoying one of his favorite things- spinners - at the moment Deqlan loves running around our estate, looking at a specific 4 x 4 , with his companies branding over the car - Deqlan loves reading the letters on touching the words on the car. Around the corner, is Deqlans new best friend, Samsung - its an aircon, i think its either the writing or the fact that the motor on the inside has a fan that turns? He was in luck when we spent Mothers Day at Meg and Conrads house - they have two outside!
Deqlan and Keaton enjoying the Telly Tubbies together - an absolute favorite to them both! Deqlan gets so upset when the episode ends that we either have to rewind or change the disc - we managing to talk him through watching the end the last few days - i just think he doesnt want them to end! The wonderful thing is that Deqlan is picking up so many words from the Telly Tubbies - yes everyone Deqlan is saying words!!!!!!!!! Again, again, more, ma ma, car, bye bye, boy, Mark ( can you believe it) knee- its amazing the lights that have come on in Deqlan - people who havent seen him in a while are amazed at the difference ! Thank You Lord for another miracle you are working in Deqlan!

Coreen and Kai - i told you she is fantastic with kids!
Keaton and Kai checking each other out

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Anonymous said...

The pics are amazing my friend, and I am so pleased to hear that Deqlan is doing so well. Hearing him speak and say words must be the most beautiful sound to your ears!! Your dedication and commitment and FAITH are all evident to the progress that Deqlan has made. God bless you all Sammy. I look forward to the day that we see each other again. It's been waaaaaayyyyyy too long! Love and miss you all more than you know. Please give Deqlan and Logs a big kiss from us. Give Markus all our love and a you know what from us as well....xxxxx

Sam xxxx