Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Our family
My beatiful and precious gift , Deqlan Ross

Love you my boy!
Deqlan with his godmother Meggie
Nanna with her first grandson, Deqlan
Nanna telling Deqlan Thomas stories!
Keaton, beautiful son to Meggie
Bev and Loggie!
Megs and Conrad with Sophie

My precious godson Keaton giving me the biggest kiss and hug ever!
Meggie, second daughter to Mom
Me and my precious Mom
Nan and Grandpa with all the girls
Ivan playing with Deqlan
Sophie, mom to Ivan and Conrad, Oumie to Keaton!
Oumie and Keaton
Deqlan getting some love from Aunty Sophie
Our gorgeous, gorgeous Deqlan
Yvonne, mom to Bev
Me with my amazing grandparents!
Me and beautiful Logan
Mark with Gran and Mom, and Logs and Deqlan
Mark, with Gran and Mom

To all the moms, grandmoms, great grandmoms,daughters, sisters ,grandaughters,aunts, nieces, friends, Godmothers, expecting moms, moms to be, friends trying to become moms, moms with beautiful angels in heaven,
Wishing you all a very Happy Mothers day ! Thank you for all you are in our lives, all you do for us, all the love you shower upon us, all the love and support that is continued each day . We had a very special day starting off at mass, and then a chocolate fondue at Meggie and Conrad - strawberries, cheese, litchis and tons tons more!
We are blessed to have you as such important role models, friends and support systems. We love you all, very very much
I have been given the most precious gift in becoming a mom - its something that is so precious. Logan, my beautiful stepdaughter, you bring so much light to my life and i am so thankful for the bond we share, that continues to grow and bloom. I love driving in my car with you to church or the shops, and love hearing you ask to listen to the same songs each time - either Jamiroquai or Coldplay - i love singing at the top of my voice with you - i love watching you learn in church - i love that you are trying so hard to bond with Deqlan - i love all the questions and remarks you make, you are to bright and clever and so lovable and caring - Love you Logs, you make us so very proud
My precious beautiful Deqlan - you are my everything. I cant thank God enough for trusting me with you - thank you for choosing me to be your guide on your nuturer and provider and protector. I love you more then life, i love you more each moment of the day, and i am so proud of you. I love your cuddles, your kisses in the hand, every sound and word you so proudly make, the dances you - i love the peek a boo games we play and the delight it bring to your face - i love watching you wake up and smiling as you open your eyes - i love watching you learn from your books and your fascination with cars and trains.I love hearing how everyone can see such a massive difference in you - I love that people can see The Lord working in you - thank you God for healing our beautiful boy - I love you my beautiful boy, i am so proud of you
Thank You God for the gift of being a Mom
A very special Mothers day wish to both our moms, grans, Deqlan and Logans great grans, Deqlans Godmother Meggie- we love and treasure you all and thank you for all you do for us
Mom, i can thank you enough for all you do for us, and especially for Deqlan - the care you give us is beyond description - and i cant thank you enough for all the sacrifices you have made for us - you are our guardian angel on earth.
Meggie, you are the most wonderful Godmother to Deqlan and such an amazing example to Logan - thank you , we love you so much!
Nan, i am so proud of you and thank Our Lord for another miraculous healing in you, you are looking wonderful
Gran and Aunty Rene thanks for coming to visit us, we hope you had a lovely lunch today and thank you for all your advise and wise words and prayers
Cheryl, we hope you had a lovely Mothers day today and that you are enjoying the sea and the dolphins!
Mother Mary, thank you for being the perfect example of a mother to us, the love you have for your son is indescribable and perfect. I pray specially to you today to ask you to bless the mommies whose beautiful children are with you and your Son in heaven, please give them peace and comfort.
Happy Mothers Day to all, God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan and Logan

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