Monday, May 18, 2009

Scrub a dub dub - what a fantastic day, thank you everyone!

Claire, Gillian and Me
Goodbye hug and cuddle for Meggie

Deqlan didnt want go home with Dad alone, he wanted us BOTH there, so Nanna had to come and fetch me later

Gillian and I
Some of the kids feeding the deer - we really think it was a stunning venue to pack - thanks Rooihuiskraal terrein for also coming to the party and giving us a great discounted rate. It was ffreeeezzzing cold, but the meaning behind the day really kep our spirits warm!
The beautiful balloons Meggie created to honor warriors , survivors and angels. Unfortunately, when we let them go the wind blew them into the thorn trees!!!! Frans climbed up into the tree and managed to get the balloons free. Strangely enough - Deqlans was freed first - out of all the balloons, his left the tree first - a few minutes later the rest followed up to Our Lord to hear all the prayers for all of our friends around the world - Meggie has got better pics of this moment, so please go check in on her blog in the next few days to check it out
Kim and Aidan - Kim was such a great help - she managed to get so many items donated for us - hundreds of meters of ribbon from Sandys ribbon, 100 soap boxes, 43 towels, 100 toothpastes, 100 creams - thanks again Kim!!!!!
Getting the balloons ready to launch!
Hannah and Keaton
Close up of some of the balloons of honor - Megs will also put much clearer photos on her blog
Me and Megs - taking it all in - it was an amazing day - the tables were packed to the brim with items - we made around 140 hampers and had tons and tons of stock to send to CHOC - it was fantastic - thank you all for every single item, every single hand that packed, every single bit of support and love for scrub a dub dub!
One of our warrior friends in the US
Some more friends from around the world
Lenete and Nanna packing at the baby table- we managed to do an extra 15 baby hampers - i think they were so beautifully done, thanks everyone!
Unpacking the items onto the tables - we had around 40 people helping throughout the day- thank you all so very very much!
The conveyor line at one of the tables - we had so much stuff we needed to get an extra 2 tables !!!
Ouma Marie giving Keaton and Meggie some yummy cupcakes she made for the day!
Nanna and Hannah!
The hampers being put into the boxes at the end of the production line- blue ribbon for boys and pink for girls - each had a note that said - ENJOY YOUR GOODIES, GOD BLESS AND LOTS OF LOVE DEQLAN AND HIS SCRUB A DUB DUB ARMY. It also had the duck mascot on - we had a draw to decide on the ducks name, Ruans Oupa was decided to be the winner with the name "bubbles"
Gillian and I - Thank you Gill for spreading the word to the Dec United Family - you made our project into the huge success it was! Thank you for everything, now we are ready to help you plan for the Dec United Bone Marrow Drive day!
Deqlan LOVED chasing the goats! I was so happy to see this! In the past he didnt pay attention to any animals - now he is laughing and running with them, thank You God for your miracles in Deqlan!
A pic of the t shirt Megs made for Deqlan - the front says DEQLAN ROSS HIGGINS, CANCER SURVIVOR, the back NED FOREVER -thanks so much Megs - this is the most touching gift you have ever given Deqlan and Deqlan will treasure it always
Yolandie and family packing some hampers

The baby table - Tanya and her daughter Anya getting stuck into creating the baby hampers
The end of the production line where the hampers were sealed and tied up ! Thank you to all of you and to Helene as well for bringing the boxes and sealing them up again , ready to go on the truck to CHOC
Deqlan was so happy to be there - he ran up and down and laughed and giggled and stole everyones hearts as some people had never met him before
The one side of the production line
Deqlan helping me count and pack everything here at home, thanks my boy!


Nanna and Grandpa said...

To Our Precious and Darling Samm,

Our most loving congratulations on the magnificent success of your project for this year, "Scrub a Dub Dub". The packing part of the project this last Saturday proved to you how many wonderful persons out there recognize, salute and honour you for the amazing woman and mother you are. You did the conceptualization, planning, collecting, sorting and packing with your own two hands, never tiring of what was required of you to ensure the success of your project. Every single moment has been focussed on the REASON you have done, are busy doing and will continue to do what you do .......... DEQLAN ROSS HIGGINS. Your projects are a testimony to him as an example of one of God's miracles in action, and as a tribute to him and his prayer army. It is also your way of giving thanks and praise to God for all the Survivors, saluting the warriors and honouring the lives and memories of the many angels. Despite the heavy and at times, challenging demands on yourself and your time as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, business owner, you never lost sight of your goal in this project. When you soon accompany the CHOC personnel to actually hand over these beautifully wrapped hampers to the baby and child warriors, the full impact of your love, generosity, care and devotion is sure to overwhelm them when they open them. I know that THIS is YOUR MOMENT OF JOY, as you observe their reaction as they unload all their goodies. THIS MOMENT is what makes your projects so rewarding and worthwhile. You will surely be abundantly blessed by God for being such a blessing to others. You are so special, so gentle, serene,dignified and pure by nature, and so strong, determined, devoted, dedicated, hopeful and faithful by choice. We salute You ! You are loved so very much, and we could not love you more.

Our Megs and Conrad and Keaton are also to be honoured for all their help, generosity of sponsorships and in particular, the beautiful gifts of the NED T shirts Meggie had specifically made for Deqlan and Keaton for the day, and for the amazing balloons which were released, carrying the faces of survivors, warriors and angels. You are truly a blessing in our lives and in the lives of Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan.

With all our love,
Dee and Mom/Bev

To Our Precious and Darling Deqlan,

Praise and all glory to God as we celebrate your 16 month milestone of being NED !!!! "Little man of prayer" - what your name means - God has a definite and beautiful plan for your life - that is why HE will ensure you remain NED for all eternity. You continue to teach us our most valuable and priceless lessons in life and we love you immeasurably, with all our being. Let us all continue walking in the footsteps of the Lord and we will always be on course, headed in the right direction, keeping all His commandments.

You are truly a remarkable and beautiful toddler, bursting with so much love and potential and a very precious, cherished and treasured gift in our lives.
We could not love you more.

All Our Love,

Nanna and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Hi Samm
I am so sorry that I didn't reply in time! It would've been lovely to have Woutertjie's picture on as well.

It looks like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for all the pics!