Monday, May 25, 2009

A day of celebration

Today, 2 years ago 25 May 2007, Deqlan , our beautiful 8 month baby boy, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. It is a day that i will never forget , it is a day that brought pain we had never ever before experienced, a pain so deep it took our breath away. Sounds engraved in my head.It changed our plans, it changed our lives - as you all know our favorite verse continues to point out, that Our Lord knows the plans He has for us, and they are to prosper us , not to harm us. These words helped us cling to our faith and hope in God healing our beautiful boy and He did!!!
As my dear husband and mom have continued to tell me the past month - i can not live in the past - i cant be haunted by dates and reminders , smells and even clothes- i have to live in the present and look to the future and that is looking at our beautiful boy growing up , he is healthy and he is cancer free today and i thank God each moment of every day for this miracle.
As mom said to me this morning, we are bound together, but not by fear - by hope and by faith.
I wanted the entire month of May to pass so i didnt have to think about this day - but its here and i am not afraid of it - because God has lit the journey for me, and for us, He has told me whatever i ask for in prayer, and believe i shall recieve, i shall recieve - and wow are we recieving ! He is showering us with His gifts of love and joy and healing.
So today, i thank God for giving us the shoes for this journey and for lighting our path, for being the ultimate healer in Deqlan , for the miracles He has given us, for guiding us, for pulling us closer to Him through Deqlan, for the amazing prayer army and support we have from all of you that continue to pray when i ask you to and even when i dont! Dear Lord, please continue to answer our prayes as we pray for them, please continue to let your Holy Spirit flow through every inch of Deqlans body, healing him and protecting him from all harm. Please let Deqlan remain free from cancer and remain NED always and forever
Thank you to you Deqlans prayer army for being with us every step of this journey - our amazing family that would do anything for us , for our friends old and new , that just pick up the phone to say hi and see how we are , and for every single prayer, every single message and every single positive thought you have sent Deqlans way!
So i invite you all to join us in celebrating this day together with Deqlan , in thanking God for answering our prayers and healing Deqlan. Please also always continue to stand firm in your faith with us, agreeing on Deqlans permanent healing. Please never ever stop the prayers for Deqlan and our family - we appreciate them more then you know!
I ask you all to please continue the prayers for all our friends around the world - prayer move mountains- please pray for all the survivors, the warriors , the angels and their families. Please pray for the doctors , the scientists, anyone in the medical field to be lead to the cure for cancer.
Deqlan, our beautiful boy - our love is endless for you, our pride bigger then the galaxy we rotate in, our thanks to Our Lord increases each day. You are our everything and we love and adore you and thank God for trusting us with you ! Thank you for all the love and joy and light you bring to our lives. For taking the pain that we felt 2 years ago, and making it disapear with your smiles and hugs and kisses..
God Bless, lots of love and praise and rejoicing
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Nanna and Grandpa said...


To Our Precious Samm, Mark, Deqlan and Logan

Today, 2 years ago, our lives DID change, irrevocably. Not one person in our entire family escaped the terror, heartache and despair that day upon hearing the words of the likely diagnosis of Neuroblastoma in Deqlan.

I clearly remember YOUR face, my darling Samm, when I had to tell you, standing in that room in Nuclear Medicine,that the doctors had found what they suspected were malignant tumours. The expression on your face is one which will live with me for the rest of my entire life. I clearly remember standing at the tall window, next to the cooldrink machine, outside the room where the MRI was done, screaming out to God to make sense of what I had just heard. Then followed the need to slowly repeat this devasting news to Mark, Megs, Dee and Conrad and observing and feeling their reactions. I remember the area where we sat in the casualty area in Unitas as a family, trying to come to terms with the news and trying to support each other as best we knew how. God had gone on "loud speaker" communication to us as a family and what was to follow was truly a miracle on so many levels.

This is the sad and tragic part of Deqlan's beautiful story. It should be and is, kept in a chapter that now belongs in the past, but nevertheless forms part of an epic tale of courage, bravery, faith, hope and love. It is also the starting point of our "miracle" from God and therefore should be honoured.

That moment in time, two years ago, also was the precise second that I, for one, stopped paying "lip service" to being a Christian and Catholic and begun LIVING my beliefs in thought, word and deed. I noticed similar changes in all the members of our family. God had certainly got our attention, we had "heeded his Call" and the "miracle" had been put into motion.

Today, we as a family are VICTORIOUS because God has delivered and will continue to deliver, on all His promises to us. Our daily prayers, some prayed minute by minute, by so many devout persons in Deqlan's army, ensured Deqlan's outstanding response to every treatment, from chemo to the last surgery for port removal. Today, we are CELEBRATING Deqlan's NED status for all eternity. Today, we praise, acknowledge and give thanks to our Great, Mighty God, His Son, Jesus our Healing Saviour and the Holy Spirit. We salute and honour Mommy Samm and Daddy Mark for their courage, strength, dignity, their immeasurable, magnificent love, passion, dedication and devotion for their precious son and who have done everything in their human power to be, and are in fact, the very best parents, chosen by God for the journey He deemed for them. Specifically chosen by God ........ THAT'S HOW SPECIAL THEY BOTH ARE AND THAT'S HOW SPECIAL DEQLAN ROSS IS.

Nanna and Grandpa said...


Today, we celebrate the MIRACLE of permanent and complete healing in Deqlan. Prayers to God, for and in FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE have brought us to this point. We have been changed as a family forever, for the very best ! We have learnt to live in the moment, for the "now", for that is all we truly have at any given point in time. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery. We have learnt not to take anyone or anything for granted, to say "I'm sorry" when our human frailty overpowers us, to say "I love You" at any opportunity, to put the other first, in the words of Jesus :"in so far you have done it to these, the least of my brethen, you have done it to Me". Through our treasured and cherised Deqlan, we have learnt our most valuable and precious life lessons. We are stronger, more resilient, have deeper faith and hope in our God. We surrender ourselves to Him and His will.

How far we have travelled with God as our Guide, Comforter and Nurterer since that day two years ago. We have become better people for the experience; we are also "richer and wiser" for it. We refuse to be bound by the fear that day held two years ago, but we are bound ... YES....... to GOD, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and to FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE all the days of our lives.

Samm, Mark, Deqlan and Logan, we could NOT love you more. May God continue to bless you all so very abundantly every minute of your lives. We thank you for the honour and privilege of being your parents/in-law, nanna and friend. For as long as God grants us breath and life on this earth, you have our love, our support, our encouragement, our assistance, our love and our prayers.

All our love,

Mom/Bev, Dee, Nanna & Grandpa.

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

To My Dearest Deqlan... My boy today as I sit and right this there is a part of me that remembers this day so well and pain on your mommys face, BUT just when i feel like im about to be swallowed in fear and anxiety a calm ease comes over me - I know exactly what it is - Its the Holy Spirit - It is GOD sharing with me that everything is going to be just fine, It is GOD telling me that he has healed your precious son, It is GOD whispering to me that Deqlan Ross has been sent with many tasks to furfill, It is GOD telling me that with him we shall not fear but only REJOICE in the fact that he furfills promises, he heals the sick, he provides for the poor, he looks after his sheep.
Samm - we love you more than you will ever know so please always know that we are here for you all and that we continue to walk this wonderful journey called LIFE with you and precious Deqlan!
Deqlan brought me to my knees - I will forever be grateful to him for that!
My God is so great, so mighty, so forgiving....
When shadows of fear fall upon your heart, may God in his ultimate glory cut away the branches of that tree and prune them so that you can see the sun again! And thats one gaurentee - you will always see the sun with GOD by your side!
Goodnight and big hugs to you all!
Conrad, Megs and Keaton

rhenda Elsayed said...

This is certainly a day of celebration for you and for me, today is my eldest's birthday she turned 14,I will always pray for you deqlan that you remain NED today,tomorrow and always.take care and God bless you all.

Loren Stow said...

What an amazing journey over the past two years! Miracles, wishes, hopes and dreams that have grown out of a diagnosis.
It has been an honour to witness your courage, determination and strength!

The Preister's said...

It is hard to not live in the past, live by dates, smells, sounds, memories, etc...but you know what - we do this because we are the moms!!!! I agree, we need to learn to find a way to leave this in the past, but ya know what...if we did - we wouldn't be who we are! And it would make stopping our fight against NB that much easier to give up on. I think God keeps these reminders near and dear to us so that we can continue on in our fight.

This is a day of celebration...a day of sadness, but most of all a day of HOPE!!!!

Had any of us known then what we know now - who would have been afraid, right?!! Wrong!!! We know we are the lucky ones, well the lucky among the unlucky so to speak :-) But, you are keeping up an amazing fight and saving other kids lives in the work and awareness you are He always does, God knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he placed Deqlan on this journey, and now he will forever keep him safe while you continue the work of the fight started in Deqlan.

This should be a day to celebrate YOU too :-)


The Pifer's said...

Found you through April Rose, I am praying for you and yours! Im just a blog away ( please know I am here for you...

Debbie said...

Sending love your truly is a day of celebration for ALL of you-you have come so far in just two years. Deqlan is thriving thanks to much prayer and especially his loving family surrounding him and helping him along! Love you guys-