Friday, May 15, 2009

Tomorow is the day!

With great excitment we finish the last of the counting and packing of the boxes and other little tributes we have in store for our Scrub a dub packing day tommorow!

We have just heard that a reporter from our local newspaper, the Rekord will be coming to do an interview and take pictures!

Our garage is packed to the brim, the boxes anxiously waiting to get out the door and on the way to the kids!

Again , you are all welcome to join us Rooihuiskraal Terrein, 16 May 9 -12

Of course i have lots more thank you's for the day:

Thank you so much to Ant and Karen for the lovely goodies and beautifully soft towels for the kiods - thanks Ant for bringing them through to us and to you both , for being an amazing part of Deqlans prayer army - you also always continue to help whenever we have the need to help others, thank you so much!

Thanks to Letitia and friends for all the lovely items you got together - it was wonderful to pick the bag up this afternoon, thinking of the faces that are going to love these products! You have made a huge difference with your very generous contributions. We hope you feel better soon Letitia!

Thank you to a dear friend Kathy and her daughter Vicky and all the friends that helped them get so many goodies together - shampoos, creams you name it! Thank you also for always going out your way to help others - i pray Kath that you are showered with everything blessing as you continue to shower upon others!

I got a lovely call yesterday from Bridgette who definitely wanted to be involved in Scrub a dub dub - Bridgette donated 12 obver nearly every item on our requested list ! Bridgette would like to let us know that this is in memory and honor of a very brave and courageous 13 year old Lisa, who sadly left her family to be with Our Lord this week. Lisa fought leukimia for many months, she excelled at all she put her mind to. I can promise Bridgette there will be a very special place at our function tommorow for Lisa

Dear Dsiona and all the people you got together to help us thank you thank you and thank you again! You are so generous and so giving to a cause which i promise you is so worth it ! I look forward to meeting you to , to say thank you personally for all you have done for us

Thank you Darling Mom for ALL your help every day and especially today - helping me with Deqlan, helping me count and pack boxes and helping me collect from everyone , even running around the block with Deqlan to see his favorite bakkie , and even typing my emails requesting quotes! For helping me shop and everything in between - i love you more then you know and i wouldnt get through a day without your help and love, i love you more then i could ever explain

Meggie - the efforts you have put into tomorow - are breathtaking- i cant say anything on the specifics cause then they wouldnt be a surprise - but i cant wait to tell everybody and show everybody - you and Conrad are the most giving, caring, thoughtful people , i feel so loved and cared for and thank you for the beautiful Barney train and Telly Tubbies for our big boy

My love - thank you for everything, i love you more each day, and thank you in advance for all tomorow and for taking such good care of us, especially Deqlan

My beautiful gift and miracle from God - this is all for you - Our Lord continues to heal you each moment of the day and the progress you have made is phenomenal - only with God - thank you God for healing Deqlan , thank you that he continues not only to inpsire me, his extremely proud mom - but a country that has just opened their hearts to giving and giving and giving to helping kids fighting cancer - i love you beyond words and measure Deqlan Ross, you are my everything

To all the warriors, survivors and angels around the world - we salute you and we hope that we can make a difference in your lives - even if it is a smile - even if its to feel safe and clean and happy , you inspire us to keep going and keep giving and we will do everything we can to find that cure for everyone fighting cancer.

God Bless, till tomorow, lots of love and blessings and thanks to everyone

Mark Samm Deqlan and Logan



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