Monday, May 11, 2009

Thank you everybody!

We continue to have such an AMAZING response to Scrub a dub dub ! My bathroom at home, and the space in it , is quite large , is packed to the brim with all the items that have come in!

We have also recieved over R3000 in donations which we are going to use for additional products we need to make up the toiletry bags.

Lets start with the thank yous for today!

Thank you so much to Marie from Pro Admin for all the lovely goodies you sent with Aunty Rene! Thank you for being so eager to help and being one of the first to get in touch with us. Thank you so much for being so kind and so giving, look forward to meeting you one day!

Thank you so much to Heidi & James , Hannah & Michael for the fantastic contribution! Thank you Heidi for bringing all the shampoos and conditioners and lotions and toothbrushes through to us on Saturday, we really appreciate your continued support in all our projects, you are truly amazing! It was lovely to see you on Saturday and was amazing to meet Michael and enjoy watching cute Hannah!

Aunty Rene and Gran - wow , i was stunned to see the amount of effort and love you put into your contribution to Scrub a dub dub! Thank you for the beautiful towels, which are so lovely, the many many many combs an even getting beautiful nail art for the little girls to play and enjoy. I know you put so much love and thought into choosing these items, and i cant wait to hand them out, thank you both so very very much you are so thoughtful!

To one of my dearest and longest friends, Karen and her family- Barry, Daniel and Matthew - you to always assist in our projects and i cant thank you enough for making such a wonderful donation to Scrub a dub dub - you are always so willing to help, you continue to shower us with so much support and above all prayers! I would love to use your donation to get some lip ice for the kids, which i am sure they are going to appreciate very very much, thank you and cant wait for you to meet Deqlan one day!

Then to the clan on the Eastrand - Mariska and team - Natalie , Adri and Stacey - wow you really went to town with all the wonderful goodies you sent through! Thank you thank you thank you! Especially for all the baby stuff which i would love to use towards specific baby parcels we are putting together! Thank you also for all the nappies - i can promise you they are going to be delighted with these, they are such a luxury to these gorgeous babies and their mommies are going to be so happy! Thank you to you and your team Mariska, for being so generous and so giving! Thanks to Braydon also for dropping off with Mark!

I would also like to say thank you so much to someone very special that continues to phone and email and talk to anyone she can to get items for our project! Kim, has now managed to get 100 soap boxes from a wonderful company called West Pack! Thank you Kim for persuing this for us and thank you to West Pack for being so willing to help , to Chris and Chantelle and you all, you are all amazing!

Kim also got Cresta shopping centre to donate a R1000 giftcard!!!!!!! Kim used this to purchase 43 beautiful fluffy brand new towels for the kids ! we are so excited about this as we are now so close to 100 on towels!!!! Thank you so much AGAIN Kim and thank you to Cresta for being so generous and opening your hearts to us

I have just had a call from Marie, Ruans grandmom and she has let me know that Pick n Pay in Vereeniging have donated a voucher which she is going to use to purchase some bars of soap! This will also bring us way over the 100 mark on soap bars! Thank you so much Marie for everything you are doing to help us and to Pick n Pay for the gift card, thank you! Thank you also Marie for the lovely snacks you are going to bring with for our packers to enjoy!

Thank you to Claire for also being a huge help in arranging so many things - besides embroidering 100 facecloths, Claire is also busy with some surprise projects for us and has even put Hannah and Stephan to work to - thanks so much Ferreira family for everything.

I would also like to thank my sister Meggie for all the planning and love and dedication she is putting into arranging Saturday , i think its going to be unforgetable, thank you Megs, i love you so much and cant wait to see everything all together

Thank you dear brother Conrad for arranging for your driver and truck to deliver all the bags and stock to the CHOC house on Saturday, as always, you are so willing to help us in everything we do, and i cant thank you enough

Thank you Darling Mom and Dee for all your continued help -in many many forms - ensuring Deqlan is happy and learning while i work and making sure i have eaten, have all my vitamins and for taking such good care of all of us!

Thank you to my Dear Husband Mark, who has been a drop off point, a planner, a packer, playing with Deqlan while i try and work on this , my support, my logistics guy, for packing and moving things from room to room for all the many boxes your brought home for us to pack in thank you!

To my beautiful boy, Deqlan - this is all for you - and for your friends around the world. I could not love you more. Thank you for being so patient with Mama and for helping me and inpsecting all the items to make sure your friends will enjoy them. I love you beautiful boy and i am so proud of you.

Thank You Lord for all the amazing people who have come to help us, thank you for setting this journey out for us and giving us the shoes to do it! We love and Praise Your Holy name!

I look forward to thanking you all in person one day soon and promise to send you all lots of photos of the packing day this Saturday and lots of photos of the kids enjoying their goodies!

God Bless and lots of love and eternal thanks
Samm & Deqlans army

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