Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hello Scrub a dub dubbers

Please forgive me for only sending these thanks now, i have been playing catch up the past few days, and even though i have thanked you all indivdually its very important that i thank you on our site as well! So here we go!

Dear Claire, Stephan, Hannah and Ethan - your help to this project was amazing and so so appreciated - from the surprises that everyone will still get (you know which ones i am speaking about hey!) , to the stars , to the face cloths - thank you so much for everything you did an amazing job and i know you are going to be showered with blessings for all you do to help others!

Dear Maureen , Darryls Mom - thank you so very very much for assisting Claire in finishing the beautiful facecloths - i know how much hard work and love you put into each one of them, thanks so much

Dear Granny Wendy - thank you for arranging the lip glosses through Honey for the older girls - i know they are going to feel so pretty and so special using them - thank you to for the amazing job you are doing in PE getting your bags together, they look stunning and thank you for all you are doing to help these precious children

Dear Nina and the rest of the team in Cape Town - wow, you have really taken this on full force and i cant wait to continue reading and hearing all about it - thank you for using your own initiative and starting Scrub a dub dub in cape town to ,we know its going to be a huge success!

Dear Heidi and Cheryl and all the reps that helped contribute the additional goodies - thanks so so much - the additional bags and clothes and lip ices and creams are going to come in so handy, thank you for bringing them all the way to us and for the cat food for kim to Heidi!

Dear Dsiona and team - thank you thank you thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies you sent with Gillian on packing day - wow your support was fantastic! Thank you to for the gorgeous duck which we named Bubbles! He is going to go to the CHOC house in Pretoria for all the kids to play with!

Dear Gill, thanks so much for all the goodies you brought along, and bring the donated items from Dsiona as well -thanks also for taking the hampers for the Joburg kids back as well, i know they are going to enjoy them!!! Thanks Gill for everything, all your support and for being an inspiration to us and so many - we promise to help you with all HANDS ON DEC AND FRIENDS however we possibly can, know its going to be a big success!!!

Dear Lenete, family and friends - thanks so much Lenete for coming to help us on packing day and for all the goodies you brought with you, how lovely! And for the tins you collected for the All Hands on Dec tin project - thank you so very very much!

Thank you's continue for you Kim, thanks so much for arranging a further donation from Glodina of 50 towels!!!! Thank you also for storing all the goodies at your house and helping me arrange to get them across the country, i know how much work it is and really appreciate it!

I hope and pray i havent forgotten anyone , and that i have now thanked you all properly - i dont think i could say thank you enough times to ALL OF YOU in every way you helped, whether it was a donation, a prayer, help with packing or your support, thank you so much!

Will keep you posted on when we are going to hand the hampers out to the kids and when we are going to have another packing day for the Dischem donations!

God Bless lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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Ferreira Family said...

Its our absolute pleasure Samm.

Lots of love to you all!