Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easter in the Midlands 3 - i know i am very behind!

Logan loving the horses
Logan enjoying the pond

Dad, Logan and Deqlan throwing NED stones into the pond at Lords of the Manor - you will remember this is the hotel Mark and my family surprised me with for my 30th- its really so beautiful and the food, unbelievably good!
Meggie and Conrad, its a great day for a Guiness!

Nanna and Grandpa

My mom with the two bigger boys in her life - Mark and Conrad

Enjoying every moment of being back at Lords of the Manor - this was at the pool, thats why i am holding so tightly onto Deqlan, he wanted to jump in , but it was freezing!

Deqlan enjoying driving the tractor at Greenfields- the actually sell tractors here, so Deqlan had at least ten real life size tractors to inspect, wheels to touch,steering wheels to steer- he loved it!
Checking all the tractors out
Deqlan and Dad during 'Happy Hour" - Deqlans treat was the popcorn, Dads was the Guiness!

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