Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Please join All Hands on Dec and friends in helping other kids!

Hello Deqlans army!

How are all of you today? I need to ask you to join forces with us to help All Hands on Dec and friends with the following amazing projects they have in the pipe line! They have been A HUGE help to our causes and i ask you all to come out in full force to help them to!


Declan Du Toit was born on 14 June 2008. Gillian and Daryl were thrilled with their blonde baby boy. At 10 days old Declan was diagnosed with a tumour which appeared to be growing from the back of his eye. After a hard journey, Declan lost his fight against cancer on 8 February 2009. Gillian and Daryl decided to carry on the fight against the cancer ‘Monster’ in children, in memory of Declan.

Hence All-hands-on-dec-friends was established. The purpose of the organisation is to assist children with cancer and their families, in getting back on their feet after treatment.

Many families have lost all their material possessions in trying to pay for treatment, as well as their means to earn an income.
A.H.O.D.F aims to give back to these families their dignity and hope in the future. We provide much needed assistance in a variety of ways, from grocery vouchers to the payment of school fees, we know that every little bit helps.

Being a non-profit organisation means we are always grateful for any support given.
If you would like more information on A.H.O.D.F, or would like to make a contribution, please feel welcome to contact us.
Tel: (011) 958-0037
Fax: 086-503-9503

So what can we as Deqlans prayer army do?

1) please sms the words "REACH-ALL HANDS ON DEC FRIENDS" to 32510. we can win
R25 000 towards All Hands On Dec Friends. PLEASE PLEASE SMS!!!!!!!! (south africa only)

2) please dont throw out old magazines! Please keep those in good order to hand to me so we can fill waiting rooms, and wards with decent reading material


Even if you are not wanting to donate bone marrow, please come along and donate some blood - you could save someones life, by giving just a little of your time. Those of you who would like to consider donating bone marrow, you will need to call the Sunflower fund on 0800 12 10 82. You will be asked a few questions and then approved to be a donor. You will be given a reference number, which we need you to please email to Gillian on You need not need to pay for being a donor, ALL HANDS ON DEC AND FRIENDS will be covering the cost. If you would like to pay or make a donation to assist this amazing cause , please also contact Gillian for the details. You and your families are welcome to come along and support the day, details as follows:

Sunday, June 28, 2009
10:00am - 2:00pm
Round Table Florida, Johannesburg

Look forward to seeing lots of you there!!

God bless, lots of love and thanks for your support for ALL HANDS ON DEC AND FRIENDS!!

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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