Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you's

I was delighted to hear from Kim, yes wonder woman Kim today with the great news that she managed to find a sponsor for ribbon. Sandy's ribbon so lovingly asked Kim to come in and choose to her hearts delight ! Kim chose blue for our boys hampers and pink for the girls!
Thank you so much to Tina and Ralph and all at Sandys ribbons for being so generous and willing to make our hampers look as beautiful as we can make them, thank you so much Sandy's ribbons and Kim!

Thank you also to Sarah for your wonderful donation - it went towards purchasing some lip ice which we feel is a much needed item for the kids whilst having treatment! Thank you for being so kind and caring and for being a part of helping these warriors be a little more comfortable!

Nanna, Meggie and Keaton, Deqlan and I went shopping today to try and get the outstanding items for our hampers and it was so wonderful to put all the goodies into the trolley and count them towards the 100 hampers! I have also decided to do 15 baby hampers with all the lovely things donated !

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