Saturday, June 30, 2007

hooray for Deqlan!

hoorraayyy! the tube is out! we have had three bottles of apple juice and water starting with 40 mls and we have worked up to 70 mls and all has stayed down! so it all looks good ! Dr Muller is very optimistic and has given the go ahead to start with milk at 1800 - but only little amounts at a time - if that goes well we should be able to start solids tomorow!
Deqlan is looking GREAT today and has smiled the most we have seen him smile in the last month and even laughed with me pulling silly faces - the nurses and even Dr De Jager ( who was so sweet to come and visit us again) said he was looking great and returning to his normal self!
He was delighted to have Nanna & Meggie come to visit again and bring all their treats for Deqlan with! Nanna bought two beautiful stack rings and a piano which Deqlan LOVES!!! Meggie found three baby einstein puppets to entertain Deqlan with and a musical set which he has not put down! This beautiful boy LOVES music - just like his mamma, nanna and meggie
We heard that we might be allowed to go home tommorow night and then have Monday at home and start chemo on Tuesday - Thursday - so praying we will have some time at home again - i can count the nights we haev had at night the month of June on 1 hand.....\its a real treat to go home
Deqlan will get vincristine, cisplatin and mixtures to keep him hydrated and his kidneys protected from this round - we hear we will be on our normal room so we quite comfy with that idea Deqlan loves looking at the window at the cars
We are still so positive and optimistic that Deqlan is going to be healed and make a full recovery - even Dr De Jager is optmistic
We know Our Lord is listening to each and very single prayer , thank you for your continued prayers, love and support


barbara said...

YAY!!! GREAT NEWS!!! Love barbs xx

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

I am amazed at your updates. Always so full of optimism and cheer. We are so happy to hear that Deqlan is feeling much better. Please give him a big cuddle from us. We pray that all goes well with introducing the solids again, and that the chemo can continue as it should. Our prayer is also that Deqlan won't have to undergo anymore surgery, but going from the latest update, all is looking good. He is such a beautiful little boy, and such a little fighter. We are proud of all three of you! Samm, to see you in the photo next to Deqlan brought tears to my eyes. You are the most amazing, courageous woman I know, and I love you more than anything. Please give all our love to Mark (and a 'smack' on the b*m'). Miss you madly.
Sam x

Karen said...

Fantastic News!! His turnaround since the last surgery has been so wonderful and I also truly believe that he will be fully healed and God indeed hears each and every prayer.

Blessings to you all as you stand by your brave little soldier. Karen and boys (x3)

Anonymous said...

hi guys

so glad to hear Deqlan is doing better and Im sure he will get stronger every day.

will keep praying for all of you especially Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Hi Samm, Mark and little Soldier,
I am so so grateful that things are looking good for you. Like Sam said, it brought tears to my eyes to see you holding the most precious person in your life - you look so tired, but you also look like a mother who will do anything humanly possible for your child. That is a mother's heart. Bless you Samm. We all continue to pray every single day for all of you, for a total healing for your son and a complete recovery for all of you from this very trying period in your lives. God will triumph and Deqlan will be living proof that He is alive and working harder than any other force around. Take care and will be thinking of you in the next two days, extra hard. Lots and lots of love, Wendy, Bjorn and Givy (PS - even my kiddies ask almost every day, how Deqlan is) XXX

Anonymous said...

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