Wednesday, June 27, 2007

quick update , more to follow

just a quick note to let you know Deqlan still stable and looking good this morning - my mom will post a more detailed blog when she arrives - thanks for all your love and prayers we appreciate it more then you know! deqlan still draining alot of bile during the night but seems to be getting better this morning - please pray he continues to get stronger! all our love samm & deqlan


Karen said...

Dearest Mark, Samm and Deqlan,

I woke at 5.45am and began praying for you. I am convinced that this will be a turning point and that Deqlan is going to begin recovering in leaps and bounds. My prayer for you two is that your strength be renewed and that you continue in your marvellous positive way. I just know that all the love and encouragement Deqlan is receiving from you and your family, will get him through this with minimal trauma and that all the bonding and special moments will stay with him for a lifetime!

Much love and blessings,
Karen xx

Anonymous said...

Dear family,
My heart breaks with this news. I am sorry to hear of this set back, and so sorry that this little guy has been exposed to so much surgery and hospitilization. All I can say is he is going to be ONE HECK OF A TOUGH LITTLE GUY after all this. He already is, but his spirit and personality are going to be strong and good and wholesome. Bless him, bless him, bless him. And you guys, who must be so tired and stressed - bless you for your continued faith and emotional stamina. You are a family to be admired, that includes your parents, Megs and everyone else who is upholding the family during a rough time. BLESS YOU ALL. PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS FOR YOU ALL CONTINUE EVERY DAY.
With big love, Wendy

Anonymous said...

Dear Samm

How we love you, you always find time to let us know what is happening, we continue to pray.

Vernon, Debbie, Gaynor & Tyler and Robert

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

We will keep praying that little Deqlan recovers quickly. Glad to hear he is a little better today.

Hang in there things will get better.