Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday the 08th of June 2007

The day started on a positive note with Deqlan's oxygen support being discontinued. Once again we could adore his beautiful face, minus all the tubes. The paediatrician arrived and was happy enough with Deqlan's condition to suggest to Samm that she could start feeding Deqlan small amounts.

Early this morning, a rash appeared behind Deqlan's ears, face and back and the sisters on duty seemed to think it could have been "baby measles". However by late afternoon, the rash distribution and nature had significantly changed so we have doubts as to their suspicions, especially since the rash is predominantly over areas which have previously been covered with plaster. We suspect a sensitivity to this plaster.

Megan has spent 13 hours on duty helping Samm with work matters and helping Deqlan - how he loves his "Meggie" !. Uncle Conrad spent much of the day with Deqlan and managed to get a few chuckles and smiles from Deqlan, especially when he played "Peek-A-Boo" with a giant giraffe, which was one of the gifts Deqlan received today. On this topic, we are soon going to need another cot to house all his toys. He has a selection from home (for familiarity) but has received many others as gifts to join his collection. He loves his bears, cows, teddies and frogs, the latter having great significance to us - F R O G - Fully Reliant on God.

Unfortunately, Deqlan has been vomiting after any oral fluid given to him. Samm is understandably very concerned. If the vomiting does not stop, a nasogastric tube will have to be re-inserted during the night to drain bile and stomach fluid contents. We trust in our Lord that during the night, there will be no further vomiting and that the tube will not be necessary.

We were delighted to see that the oedema (puffiness from fluid retention) of the right eyelid had completely disappeared by the afternoon. It was a blessing to see Deqlan looking more and behaving more like his "old" self today. He spent some of the afternoon watching his favourite DVD's, which alas, did not result in big smiles or chuckles of laughter as they normally do. We will be patient. His interest in his little racing car was delightful to witness as Deqlan loves putting his index finger over the spinning wheels of the car in order to make the wheels stop spinning. Deqlan has a passion for wheels of any kind !!

Tomorrow, Deqlan's paediatric oncologist will possibly give Mark and Samm the biopsy results. We have heard that this doctor is returning from leave tomorrow. Whatever the results are, we stand firm in the belief, trust and hope that the Gracious Lord Himself will ultimately heal Deqlan fully and permanently. We are hoping that Deqlan is strong enough to be able to go home over the weekend, so that he at least has one or two nights at home before starting chemo on Monday or Tuesday next week. It is our preference that Deqlan has his chemo at the Oncology Unit of Little Company of Mary as the nursing staff there are fully versed and experienced in the oncology therapies. If Deqlan cannot be discharged over the weekend, the likelihood that Deqlan will start chemo here at Kloof clinic instead is possible.

In the words of orphan "Annie", "The sun WILL come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar there'll be sun, just thinking about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow; When I'm stuck with a day thats grey and lonely, I just stick out my chin and grin and say - Tommorow, tomorrow, we love you tomorrow, you're only a day away". We will then have been blessed to love our precious Deqlan, Mark and Samm for yet another day.

Mommy Samm has had a "roller coaster day" and is understandably tired and concerned. Motherhood is NOT for the faint-hearted; our Samm is a brave and courageous warrior, just like her son. Mark, Samm and Deqlan WILL be victorious in their "battle" since their faith, hope and trust in the Lord is unquestionable and unwavering.

Mark, Samm and Deqlan thank you all sincerely for your messages, gifts and support, but most of all for your prayers, as it is through prayer that we shall receive our "miracle" when Deqlan is fully and permanently healed. We believe this with all our hearts, souls and spirits. We thank our Lord Jesus for keeping our precious Deqlan in His safe and loving care. We see evidence of "tiny miracles" at work in Deqlan every day. We know that God listens to both spoken and unspoken prayer from the heart. Samm, Mark and Deqlan request that your prayers for them continue daily and ask that God blesses you and yours also.

Posted by Bev Bourne - AKA - Mom and Nanna.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mark, Samm and Deqlan. It is so good to be able to visit this site every day and receive up-dates on Deqlan. Deqlan sounds like a little fighter, and we continue to pray every day that he will be healed. You are in our thoughts non-stop. If there was a way of being there just to give you all a hug and hold that little Deqlan as tight as possible, we would. Please give him a big kiss from all us Mac Donald's, and tell him to continue being the strong little boy that he is. We love you guys more than anything, and hope and pray that the results you are waiting for will come back with a positive outcome. No matter what, your faith is amazing, and that is what is going to pull Deqlan through this.
God bless you all.
Love Don, Sam and Mia xxx

barbara said...

Dearest bev, i'm a friend of merle and i met you at samm's kitchen tea. I have no idea at all how it must feel to be a granny that has your own pain, your pain for your daughter, as well as your pain for your grandson. Please know that the messages you are writing are very precious to all of us out here, and our hearts and our prayers go out to you and other members of your close family as well as to samm and mark and deqlan. I keep thinking of the time Jesus said that His disciples must allow the little ones to come to Him and how He travelled out of His planned way to go and heal a 12 year old girl who had died. Yes, indeed He does hear our prayers for these little ones and we may be confident of His faithfulness to answer for surely His mercy and kindness endures forever. God bless and comefort, encourage and strengthen you. Love barbs xx