Wednesday, June 6, 2007

25 May 2007

After being worried about a bruise on Deqlans eye for quite some time,and after taking him to a paediatrician and opthalmic surgeon,we decided to take things into our own hands and arrange for a scan to check if there was anything stuck in Deqlans left eye - i was devastated when they told me that they had discovered something and would need to do another scan to confirm their suspisions .... i never expected to hear the words " your son has a big tumour attached to his adrenal gland, we think he has Neuroblastoma" i was in complete shock & disbelief - how could my beautiful 8 month old baby boy - who was so healthy and happy and full of life be facing this possible diagnosis - we immediately arranged to see a paediatric oncologist - what a wonderful man - Deqlan immediately connected with him - he seems to think that the doctors had made a correct diagnosis , but insisted on doing a lot more testing

My world and everything in it came crashing down - i couldnt believe what i was hearing - this was the last thing i expected to hear after just going to do a check up on his eye! i felt helpless lost and destroyed - my life will never ever be the same again

How am I going to make it better for my son - how am i going to heal him - the answer is IM not HE is - The Lord has a plan for my son and I have to believe it - I have to believe Deqlan is going to be healed and he is going to continue to be the bright clever beautiful healthy baby boy he is

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