Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Monday the 04th of June 2007

A service was held for Deqlan in the morning at the chapel at The Little Company of Mary in Brooklyn.

After the service all headed to the hospital to get Deqlan ready for his surgery. Dad took little one into surgery around 12:10pm and lasted an estimated 2 hours. They tried to retrieve a biopsy of the tumor in his abdomen with a small incision but they were not successful therefore forced to create a larger incision to obtain a sample for biopsy. It was confirmed that the tumor is cancer and was sent off for more tests to study the characteristics of the tumor to work out a viable treatment plan.

A porter-cath (this gives easy access to the main artery to administer the chemo therapy) was put in and a bone marrow was done for testing purposes.

Deqlan looks like he has been in the wars with five big plasters coving the cuts on him and pipes everywhere. Very scary for all of us.

Deqlan was groggy as you can imagine after the operation but was kept comfortable. There was some concern for his blood counts later in the evening as it was low and the thought of a blood transfusion was present. After the third blood test his blood counts did go up and thankfully no blood transfusion was needed.

Not much sleep for Mom as she is with Deqlan at all times. Dad giving all the support in the world.

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