Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tuesday the 05th Of June 2007

Deqlan doing fine under the circumstances. There is some concern as his eyes are a bit puffy therefore a kidney function test was done and all came back good. Mom, Nanna and Sister could pick up Deqlan for the first time after the operation. At first was worried of hurting the wounds but all is okay now.

Deqlan is awake more and as happy as could be considering the circumstances. He is responsive, vocal and fighting all the way. Just wants to go home and watch “Baby Einstein”.

Dad and Mom very tired and concerned. Not much sleep for Mom again as she wont leave Deqlan’s side at all.

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Bev Bourne AKA Nanna said...

Please pray for our beautiful Deqlan Ross to be fully and permanently healed.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in thee, all for Thee O Lord, oh my Jesus all for Thee.

Our precious and beautiful baby grandson, Deqlan, Nanna and Grandpa love you so very, very much. You are a treasured and adored blessing in our lives, your smile the light of our lives and a privilege to observe and your laugh, a tonic for our souls and spirit. May God hold you safely in the palm of His hands, embrace you with His love and compassion and enfold you with His mercy. Nanna cannot wait until you come out of hospital so we can continue playing with our cars, trains, Noddy, Mae-Mae, Baby Beethoven, Baby Bach, Barnaby, Barney, Quacky Duck, Story Teddy, Spinning Abacus and all your other toys and furry friends. Our home is not the same without you.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit keep Deqlan's entire family close to you, especially Samm AKA Mommy or "Mama Bear" and Mark AKA Daddy or "Papa Bear". Provide them with the courage, strength, wisdom and understanding to accept Thy will. Instill in them, until their cups runneth over, Your gifts of love, faith, trust and hope.

God bless us all.

All the love in the world to our precious Samm, Mark and Deqlan,

Dee/Grandpa, Mom/Nanna