Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, the 11th June 2007

Deqlan Ross Higgins reached an important milestone of 9 months of age at 08h17hrs this morning and the day was greeted by Mom,Nanna and Meggie singing to him. Meggie arrived at the ward at 06h15rs and later presented Deqlan with some interesting toys to pique his curiosity. The relationship between Meggie and Deqlan is very special and he loves her rocking him to sleep whilst she sings "Que sera sera". Mommy often jokes that when she struggles at home to get Deqlan to sleep, she is tempted to call Meggie many times as he finds her shoulders a most restful place !!!!!

Deqlan's name is of Irish descent and he is named after the Irish saint, Saint Declan. The meaning of Deqlan's name has great significance - it means "full of prayer" or "prayerful", and is just another reason why he is our very special, precious, and beautiful (ok..... and handsome !!!!) baby boy. Deqlan is truly a magnificent blessing from God and he has already as a baby, taught us and so many others, the true meaning of, and most important reason for , prayer in a most profound way. Sincere thanks to you all for your continued prayers and for all the loving wishes for his special day.

The paediatrician did an early morning round and was generally happy with Deqlan, but is still perplexed as to the reason for the persistent problem of excessive bile and intestinal fluid drainage. The visit by the paediatric surgeon later in the afternoon resulted in his decision to reassess stomach, intestinal and colonic function to try and establish the reason for the problem which is preventing our Deqlan's discharge from this ward. A series of x-rays and blood tests will be done early Tuesday morning to exclude the possibility of an intestinal type of "kinking" post-operatively. We earnestly need your specific prayers that whatever is causing the problem rectifies itself as soon as possible, as there exists a real danger that Deqlan may have to return to theatre for another laparotomy to investigate directly the cause and source of the excessive fluid accumulation/drainage. Our precious boy has really "had enough" over the past 8 days and nights, and our prayers must be that the operation, even as a last resort, never becomes necessary. Our goal is to get Deqlan as strong, as fully recovered and as nutritionally stable as possible before his chemo starts, now scheduled for Monday next week, 18th June at the Little Company of Mary Oncology Centre. We would love him to go home to enjoy his own surroundings and environment for as long as possible before his Monday admission. Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in Thee that You will ensure that Deqlan is spared of the need for surgery for his current problem. We ask this in the name of our saviour, our Lord, Jesus.

The TPN and drip lines are continuing as Deqlan is still nil per mouth whilst the nasogastric tube drains away the digestive fluids. When his problem is corrected and if all goes well tomorrow, it is expected that he will once again start with clear oral fluids (for 24 hours) and then go onto milk feeds (for 24 hours). He is to retain all fluids consumed before he will be discharged.

Deqlan has been "niggly" all day again, with Mommy's expert opinion being that his teething of his top two front teeth is responsible for his inability to settle. Deqlan went from the arms of Mommy, to Daddy, to Meggie, to Conrad , to Nanna during the day but could not seem to find a comfortable position. New teething medication was ordered by the ward sister but Mommy still prefers her "old" standard remedies which she has been previously using. If only these teeth could break through the gums, there would be at least one less reason for his discomfort. Uncle Conrad and "Apache", the courageous lion toy, which Daddy gave his brave son, had some fun together with and chuckles from Deqlan in the afternoon. The rest of the day was spent playing with his musical and/or plush toys and watching his fun and education Baby Einstein DVD's which he simply loves. When Mommy tried to do some travel agency work on the laptop computer, Deqlan kindly assisted by pressing the keyboard for her - a memorable moment in time in his computer literacy education ! Smiles generally came sure and fast from Deqlan but his discomfort was noticeable despite this - bless him, he is trying so very hard.

Our little "warrior of prayer", our "brave prayerful soldier", Deqlan, has changed and continues daily to change, so many lives in so many inspiring and astounding ways. Our gracious Lord and Saviour, we ask that you continue to protect, strengthen, and bless our precious Deqlan, Samm and Mark, all the family and the amazing groups of friends that are sharing this "journey of challenge" with us in prayer, thought and deed. In particular today, we ask that You decree any further surgical interventions for Deqlan at this moment in time, unnecessary and we implore that his current problem of excessive drainage resolves with immediate effect. We believe and place our trust in You.

Posted by Bev Bourne - AKA Mom and Nanna


Anonymous said...

Hi Samm and all our family in SA,

We are thinking about you all each and every day and sending our love and prayers to you too.

Please give precious Deqlan an extra cuddle from us today.

Tracey, Andrew, Chenya and Damian

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for the miracle. We are all praying that little Deqlan will grow stronger day by day and that the Lord will guide all the hands that are helping with his healing process.

Give Deqland a big hug and squeeze and all our love and prayers to the family.

The Pauls, Cape Town

Debbie said...

To our precious Deqlan, Samm and family

You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. He is such a beautiful baby and is truly a blessing from God.

I wish we could be there for you, but the miles do not permit it. Even so, you are always in our hearts and we pray for his speedy recovery.

We love you all very much. Take care and big hugs and kisses for that precious little bundle of joy.

Lots of love and peace to you all

Debbie, Jeff, Jared, Darryn and Elaine

Anthony said...


I heard about this blog from my aunt. Wow. Deqlan is a real warrior, and he has wonderful parents! God bless you all.

I think that Jesus has big plans for this little boy and I know that He will heal him completely.

I thank God for this inspirational story. And my prayers are with you.

May God give you peace and strength, and may little Deqlan get better really soon!