Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday, the 27th of June 2007 (Oh Happy Day)

Apologies for the late update, we have again experienced computer / signal problems within the confines of the hospital and could therefore not post the blog earlier today. As Bev (aka Mom, Mom in Law & Nanna) experienced a migraine today, she left early this afternoon and has subsequently again received her marching orders this evening to go get into bed and get some rest, therefore there will be no award winning piece of literature for today's blog, only our lay terminology and vivid description of events.

Today started out as any other “recent” day, Samm awoke in the hospital bed that she was given for the evening, looking for a place to bath/shower and Deqlan awoke much stronger and more awake than yesterday (he is such a soldier). The drainage of the bile was still substantial and still dark green and it seemed that it was going to be another day of waiting in anticipation for events to take a turn for the better.

Then it happened, he passed a huge "stoole", one of the largest dirty nappies (napkins as some of the nurses call them) you have ever seen, the “Chernobyl” of nappies/napkins. With this occurrence, Mom immediately jumped on the phone, nurses came running, cleaners were summoned and we as parents rejoiced, as this served as confirmation that all Deqlan’s pipes were in working order and we knew it was going to be a great day further.

The bile immediately cleared and became transparent, a good sign, as it means the bile is now filtering through the system in the so called “natural” process and not building up in the stomach waiting to be drained or projectiled. The doctor seems happy with his progress at this stage and mentioned that if this positive trend continues, Deqlan will start the process of fluid intake from tomorrow, beginning with clear fluids, then small amounts of milk until he reaches his usual intake during feeds.

Deqlan is in much less pain and in very high spirits this evening, smiling, laughing, playing and even passing the occasional “wind”. We are ecstatic that he is on the fast track to a speedy recovery. Hopefully he rests well, in order for us to also rest well.

There is a new sheriff in town. Deqlan is the oldest in ICU and spends a lot of time overlooking his premature friends in the ICU cubicles. He is quite satisfied with the care they are receiving from the sisters/nurses and seems to take a real interest in keeping a watchful eye on in his close friend in the room directly next to him.

The staff of the Paediatric and Neonatal wards have taken a real liking to Deqlan and continually check in on his progress to make sure things are going as planned (this time around). The superstar “Deqlan” (aka Short Stack), performing live at the Kloof Medi-Clinic until this weekend only.

We continually receive your inspirational e-mails, sms’, phone calls, faxes, post, telegrams, telexes, runners, messages via pigeon, etc., and we thank you all for your continued support through these very difficult and emotional times.

We really do appreciate your love, care and prayer for us and our entire family, but most of all for Deqlan. Please continue praying for our beautiful boy, God is listening. Our faith and belief in God is stronger than ever and we know God is hearing our prayers, as Deqlan is getting better every minute.

Keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming “Blog”ttractions, but until then, Good Night and Good Luck.

Mark (Papa Bear), Samm (Mama & Tired Bear), Deqlan (Soldier Bear)


barbara said...

What beautiful news!!! I guess you never ever thought that a dirtied nappy could be such a highlight in your life nor that you could be so excited to see a poo!!! But yes, what truly wonderful news for us all. Well done, Deqlan!!! Thank you all for the updates that so encourage us all to keep on praying. We appreciate all the news you all share. God bless you all. Our love and prayers, barbs xx

Anonymous said...

I can now start the day with a smile, after reading the update, thanks guys! What wonderful news, is a true soldier (like you said).

Hope his condition improves in leaps ans bounds today and that he manages to keep his fluids down. thinking of you all and praying epspecially hard for papa bear, mama bear and your soldier.

Have a lovely day
With Lots of Love

Karen said...

Praise the Lord for your little soldiers turnaround!! So hope that you all had a great rest and trust that as the new day dawns, Deqlan will be increasing in strength and health by the minute...

You are all amazing - and continue to be an inspiration. Keep the faith!

Much love,
Karen xx

LIONEL said...

Mark an Sam you have really got a little soldier on your hand , i have for the first time seen your son and he is gorgeous , he has made such a remakable recovery and reading yur story dequlan knows that mom and dad are there for him ,my heart goes out to the family our preys and thoughts are with you each and every day .Good to hear soldier boy loves his juice good for you boy much healthier please let mom and dad give you a great big hug i know we have never met but i am your daddys cousin tracey lionel and phillip also send their love to you be strong my boy our prays and thoughts are with you every day our biggest hugs and kisses for a very special little soldier all our love the kur family.