Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday the 06th of June 2007

Deqlan had a bumpy start this morning. There were questions about his blood count and kidney’s again. After blood tests done it was established all was fine.

After Dad getting a huge lion teddy bear with a plaster on his tummy which indicated he too had a operation and a stand up performance Dad got the first smile since the operation out of Deqlan which is wonderful and a good sign. Deqlan also said "mamma" in his jumbled way.

Deqlan is kept comfortable at all times with Mom and Dad right by his side. Little one is looking much more comfortable and more responsive and observant of the many things going on around him.

Mom and Dad has been “boot camped” tonight. Mom has to sleep in the bed next to Deqlan as she has not slept for two days now and Dad had to go home to sleep. Sister is taking the shift to 12:00am and Nana is taking the morning shift to 6:00am. Hopefully Mom and Dad can sleep to regain their strength.

Thank you for all the good wishes and prayers for Deqlan they are all cherished.

Posted by Conrad


Dale & Lisa said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Deqlan permanently Love Dale and Lisa xx

Chris Baxter said...

Deqlan, Samm, Mark and Families,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this extremely difficult time. Please call on us for anything that may help.

Our most sincere regards
Chris & Dalene Baxter

Katt said...

Sending hope, love and prayers to keep you stong and safe.
thinking of you Deqlan, Samm and Mark.

barbara said...

hey guys, this is so cool!!! What a tremendous blessing and encouragement to get feedback on the young man and to hear how he - and you both - are doing.
you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.
God is good and faithful and full of mercy and loving-kindness.
God bless you, precious much-loved friends.

Alex said...

I am amazed by this and am so happy to see God working here for his kids. Deqlan is a strong kids, I can see it in his eye's. Our prayers are with you and all the best in this difficult times.

bron said...

Dearest Mark, Samm & Deqlan

You are in our thoughts and prayers 24/7. We all belive you will get through this. Stay strong! God Bless, from all of us here in Cape Town

Heavenly Father,

As we kneel before Your throne of grace, we ask a special blessing and benediction upon us, Your people. We particularly pray that You will shield and defend us from the ravages of fear and anxiety. Place Your protective mantle around us and our loved ones that we will be fearful of nothing. Help us, Father, to change these times of fear and apprehension into trust and assurance. Keep us steadfast and resolute of purpose in serving You and in doing Your will. Forgive our weakness and shortcomings. Lord, hear our prayer, for we give You praise, honor, glory and thanks.


Mickey van Tonder said...

Live every day one day at a time and remember that only God knows our
future and that He will not put you through any more than you can bear.
Do not look to man for your blessings, but look to the doors that only He has prepared in advance for you in your favour.
Wait, be still and patient: keep God first and everything else will follow.
Ever in our prayers, Love Hannes and Mickey van Tonder

chris & cheryl higgins said...

Dad,Cheryl,Oupa and the Bradley Family,

The Lord has said they he will never forsake his children, and we know that he is constantly watching over Deqlan and Sam and Mark.
Always be positive in the knowledge that God loves all of you and so do we.
You are constantly in our prayers.

Dad,Cheryl,Oupa and Bradley Family.