Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday the 07th of June 2007

Bootcamp went well, Mom and Dad both got some much needed rest. Nanna and Sister shift went well and Deqlan had a peaceful night!

Puffiness on his fontenal (soft spot of head) a bit better but his eyes are still a bit puffy.
The best news of the day was that his feeding tube came out and he has started to drink sips of water, shame the poor guy is so hungry! If he keeps the water down through the night, we can try some milk tomorrow.

Mom got her first glimpse of Deqlan's porto-cath wound and it's looking good considering. Deqlan enjoyed his bedbath this afternoon and we cant wait to get him into his own bath at home that he loves so much!

Dad got another smile from Deqlan and his strength is definetely coming back as he is trying to stand and push himself up against Mom's legs which is a good sign.

Deqlan's blogspot was officially launched today we have already received such wonderful and positive posts! Please continue to visit this blog daily for any updates.

No results have been released as yet - we are expecting the results either tomorrow or even over the weekend. Please continue to pray that the results are favorable.

Bootcamp continues tonight with Sister until 24hoo and Nanna until 06h00.

Thank you again for all your love, prayers and support. Deqlan is blessed to have you all right behind him everystep of the way.

Posted by Megan


Anonymous said...

Hi Samm and Mark
I was devastated to hear from Derek on Wednesday about little Deqlan. I hope and pray that he will soon be on the road to a full recovery. Heather will add Deqlan's name to her church prayer list so there will be many people praying for his recovery.
God speed,



After having spent two nights in Deqlan's ward in the Paediatric unit of Kloof Clinic, between the hours of midnight and 06h00rs, I feel immensely blessed. What a privilege it has been to watch my beautiful daughter Samm whilst she sleeps in a bed next to Deqlan's cot, and what a privilege it has been to have my beautiful grandson, Deqlan on the other side of my chair throughout the night. Deqlan was a bit "niggly" at 03h00rs and wanted to be held by his mommy, Samm; this is always a good sign! Devout and devoted Mommy Samm held Deqlan in her arms for about 20 minutes and Deqlan received an analgesic from the ward sister which quickly settled him. I held Deqlan in my arms as Samm went back to sleep and I was very hesitant to place him back in his cot; I wanted that moment to last and I took a "mental picture" which will last in my memory for the rest of my life. I gazed throughout the night at the beautiful sleeping faces of my daughter and my grandson. What better privilege in life is there ?
Some thoughts as I gazed at Samm took me back to when she was a cute, adorable little girl. Looking at her as a mother now, she has the finest qualities and deepest love I have ever seen. To be quite honest, I looked at her and also thought "What is God's plan for you my darling daughter that it is His will that you are faced with Deqlan's diagnosis of neuroblastoma ? There is one certainty, you have not only been courageous, brave, positive and determined, you have shown the FAITH, TRUST AND HOPE IN GOD THAT ONLY A MOTHER CAN. YOUR BELIEF, HOPE AND TRUST IN GOD WILL BE REWARDED AS DEQLAN WILL BE FULLY AND PERMANENTLY HEALED - SACRED HEART OF JESUS, I PLACE MY TRUST IN THEE, ALL FOR THEE O LORD, OH MY JESUS ALL FOR THEE. NEVER FORGET HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU BOTH.

My beautiful and precious Deqlan, Nanna is so very blessed to have held you in my arms so often over the past two nights of 6th and 7th June 2007. The darkness of the night was illuminated by prayer and the Lord's word and by comforting you and by gently stroking your forehead and by inhaling your beautiful "baby smell" at every opportunity. You are truly the bravest and most courageous warrior and together we will fight this disease and command it to leave your beautiful body. Daylight is upon us, and in my care my daughter and grandson - I hear God whisper as the bustle of the ward begins its new day; He says: "Trust in Me, have faith and Deqlan will be healed". MY Lord and Saviour, as a mother and grandmother, I believe and I trust.

One of the members of the nursing staff have just brought in a "certificate of bravery" for Deqlan and it mentions that he was the "STAR" patient for the night. He has also been presented with a teddy bear which he will no doubt inspects when he awakes in a short while. The good news to start the day at 06h15rs is that the oxygen support canula will be shortly removed. Yesterday, the nasogastric tube was removed so our baby will be able to really enjoy his dummy now !! He has tolerated small quantities of water throughout the night, so it looks promising that he may be allowed some milk today. What a happy Deqlan we will have then, as he loves his food and has not had a bottle since early Monday morning.

I leave the ward to go home to sleep and I feel honoured especially blessed with the unforgettable and priceless gift of being able to have spent two nights with my precious Samm and treasured Deqlan.

My youngest and other beautiful daugther, Megan has arrived now to relieve me. Megan, you are truly the mother of "kindness and caring" and are the rock of this family. It is impossible to thank you enough and tell you what your love and support means to me and this family. God bless you.

All my love,

Mom and Nanna

Sam said...

My Dearest Deqlan, Mark, Samm and all the family.

I want to twll you all that I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers!

Here is something I have come across, something to help give you the strength to keep going and to believe that God is with you all.

Verse:Isaiah 40:31

Those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

- God wants to give you new strength.
- We all need strength from time to time.
- When we are strong we can run and make progress.
- Let God come and strengthen you right now.

PRAYER: Lord, May Deqlan and the rest of the family receive Your strength right now. May Your strength come and cause them to fly! Be with them all through this difficult time and let them know that You are with them! Amen.

Please remember that I am always here if there is anything I can do!

All my love!
God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Samm, Deqlan, Mark & Family,

When i found out about little Deqlan my heart shattered in a million pieces for Samm. I can only imagine, as a new mom myself, what devastating news this was.

Samm, you have shown incredible bravery and strength, only that a mother can. Your belief in God is what is carrying you all right now. I trust with you, that the Lord is going to heal Deqlan.

I printed a photo of your precious baby boy and took it to my cell group and we prayed for him. I now keep that same photo on my fridge, just as reassurance that he will be okay!

Once again, your have all my love and support and prayers always.. Keep you head up and keep the faith!

Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

Hi Samm, Mark and Deqlan

You guys are constantly in our prayers and thoughts.

We found your website tonight and battled through the wonderful messages you have received.

Stay strong for each other and especially Deqlan.

May the Lord heal Deqlan in Jesus name.

Jelenka, Neil and Gianna