Saturday, June 9, 2007

Saturday, the 9th of June 2007

Apart from the vomiting during the night again, Deqlan started a brand new day to find both Mommy and Daddy in his room ! Daddy Mark did a 15hour stint and managed,like Mom, to get some rest sleeping with Deqlan on their chests. Deqlan is most settled sleeping in the arms of either Mommy or Daddy on the "parent bed" in Deqlan's ward, and thankfully, the ward sisters here seem to have no objection.

After the paediatrian saw Deqlan, there was some concern as to the persistent vomiting. Abdominal X-Rays were ordered to exclude any obstructions and the results were normal but showed that Deqlan had a lot of abdominal gas. Bloods were also pulled and all the results came back normal. In order to exclude a gastric or intestinal infection causing the problem, a stool specimen was also collected. Deqlan was nil per mouth until lunchtime when we restarted clear oral fluids again. The vomiting is persisting but the quantity has been greatly reduced. Of all the "pipes and tubes" around, on, and in Deqlan during the week, only his intravenous drip line remains, in order to provide Deqlan with fluids, proteins and glucose and for the administration of medicines. A decision has also been taken to ensure he remains pain-free and so his pain medication has been revised to a more regular schedule, rather than on demand.

Samm contacted the paediatric oncologist this morning who reported that the final biopsy results had still not been received. He assured Samm that by Monday morning, the final results will be available. Deqlan needs to be stabilized, and completely tolerating oral fluids (clear foods and his milk) before the chemotherapy sessions (scheduled for Tuesday- 11th June) can start. The 3 doctors (paediatric surgeon, specialist and oncologist) will take a final decision on this on Monday.

Deqlan had a restful afternoon, playing "tickle games" with Mommy and Megs, watching his DVD's and YES !!!! he smiled and reacted to them in his usual adorable way. Mommy, Megs and Nanna acted out a "threesome songshow" for Deqlan who had to tolerate the impromptu performance which included songs such as "Do-Re-Mi", "Happy Talk", "Que Sera Sera", "Belly Button", "Getting to Know YOu"and a short cabaret of Nanna's interpretation of "Tarzan of the Jungle". His eyes told us to never give up our day jobs.

We have decided that we will all continue with "our shifts" over the weekend, so that Samm gets quality sleep whenever she can, and between Mark, Megs, Nanna and even Grandpa Derek, there will be someone with her and baby most of the time.

Unfortunately, Deqlan's vomiting had not ceased and at 20h00rs, the nasogastric tube had to be re-inserted. Unbelievably, about 250mls of bile-stained liquid was removed from his tummy. He appeared far more restful afterwards and we pray to our dear Lord, that He grants our precious Deqlan, a peaceful night's sleep, with only beautiful dreams. In the morning, the likelihood is strong that another drip (CVP line) will have to be inserted to ensure Deqlan's nutritional requirements are met, since he does not seem able to tolerate oral fluids. It is imperative that Deqlan is in the best nutritional condition possible to strengthen his immune system before the chemo can be started. It has been a tough day for our precious boy, and being the true hero nd courageous warrior that he is, delighted us with beautiful smiles and giggles, laughter and baby "babble" this afternoon, despite his discomfort from the accumulated fluid !

The results from the stool test came in at 21h30rs and revealed no signs of infection. This is another peice of good news, as was the X-rays and blood tests coming back as normal.

As Samm's mother and Deqlan's grandmother, I am so humbled by their courage and bravery and I salute them in love. I ask our Precious Saviour, the Lord Jesus to bestow on Mark, Samm and Deqlan, His unending love, peace, mercy and compassion.

We implore you to continue praying for Deqlan, Samm and Mark as prayer is the "medicine of the Lord".

Posted by Bev Bourne


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!
This blog-spot is such a wonderful idea, it allows all of us to keep up to date on how Deqlan and everyone else is doing, day by day! The love with which each blog is written is so evident in all the details and they show the love, dedication and patient persistence that everyone has through this time. Thank you so much to each and everyone one of the family that takes the time to write for us - it is really appreciated!
As for the day by day ins and outs, and ups and downs, our thoughts are with you and we are thinking only the very best thoughts for Deqlan's journey through this. I say once again, there could not be a better support system, a more dedicated and loving family to walk this path with him. God must have known that he chose the perfect mom & dad (with the most amazing families by their sides) for Deqlan!
To everyone I can only say that there is literally an army of supporters out here (on the receiving end of this blog), praying, thinking positive thoughts, doing whatever they personally can to support all of you.
We hope. We pray. We believe.
Thank you so much for sharing with us!
Love Always,
Loren & Darryl Stow

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, Samm & Deqlan. The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is to check the up-date on little Deqlan. I read every up-date with tears in my eyes, amazed at the strength and courage you are all showing at this difficult time. I agree with Loren when she says that there couldn't be a more faithful and dedicated family chosen to walk this path with Deqlan. We continue to hope and pray that little Deqlan will keep liquids down and that he will be strong enough to start the chemotherapy as planned. God will be gracious, and little Deqlan is going to stand up strong and beat this. Samm, being a mother too, I want you know that I feel your pain and cry every tear with you, as well as rejoice when I hear that Deqlan managed to smile and giggle...Children will never cease to amaze me. Although they are small, they are so much stronger in mind, body and spirit than we think. Once again, I can't tell you enough how much we love you all (including Megs, Conrad, Uncle D and Aunty Bev). In our thoughts always.
Don, Sam and Mia xxx