Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sorry for the wait!

We are so sorry we havent been able to post a blog over the last few days - we have had quite a few problems with our lap top and signal in the hospital!

Its the first time that I have managed to get a moment to give you all the latest news , as Deqlan lies in Dadas arms on Fathers Day, both catching up on some much needed rest.

I only had 1 hours sleep last night - as i am not allowed to sleep in the icu ward with Deqlan - i have to "find a bed" each night we have been in icu - i was asleep for about an hour when the nurse came to wake me up saying Deqlan was crying - when i got back down here, he was sobbing and saying Mama - my heart just melted and we spent the rest of the early hours of this morning playng and eventually Deqlan went to sleep at 6am this morning - I have not had a chance to rest yet so hoping to catch a few hours tonight - but in the chair in his room - dont want to put him under anymore stress of him waking him and not seeing me


We have a break of 1 night and then we have been given the go ahead to start with the first round of Chemo at Little Company of Mary on Tuesday, 19 June - we will be in the hospital for 1 night as this first round requires over 30 hours of treatment etc

I cant wait to go home and watch Deqlan crawl around and laugh at the sight of our dogs - enjoy morning live with Vuto and Leeann and most of all to sleep in our own beds! We are definitely starting to get cabin fever inside these four walls and Deqlan is unable to crawl on the floor - so very frustrated !

Dr De Jager, our oncologist paid us a visit today and gave us a list of the treatments we will be going through over the next 100 day - there are assessment periods during the 100 days to check on the progress of the treatment - WHICH I AM SO POSITIVE IS GOING TO WORK FIRST TIME -THESE CANCER CELLS ARE NOT GOING TO KNOW WHAT HAS HIT THEM

Deqlan has been drinking milk and keeping it down! the dosage increases as the feeds go on we are on 60 mls at the moment and we should be almost back to normal tommorow morning - and hopefully solid food slowly but surely from tommorow - poor Deqlan gulps each and every single drop and wants more ! shame, we will get there....

He is looking great today and has been since Friday afternoon - all the pipes are out , except for 1 drip running to administor the antibiotic - only 1 more dose left, then will be taken out tommorow morning - yipee!

I want to thank each and every single one of you for every sms, phone call, email, but most of all for your PRAYERS - I KNOW OUR LORD IS LISTENING - WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN HIS MIRACLE IN PROGRESS!

Deqlan , Mark and I gave each of you our biggest hugs and kisses - thank you , thank you , thank you - we are Blessed to have the amazing support structure we do in you all

Please keep the prayers going - we appreciate each and every single one and each one is a step closer in the direction of Deqlan being COMPLETELY HEALED! Our Lord is so great

Look after yourselves hope you had a lovely Fathers Day - I know Mark did as he was with his little boy and had such a lovely telephone call from Logan ...

All our Love and Gods Blessings to you all
Mark, Samm& Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Dear Mark, Samm and Deqlan
What wonderful news that you will all be going home today. We thank our Heavenly Father for the miracles he is performing and we pray that He will grant you all the strength needed in the days to come. We will continue to pray for all the family and give our precious little one a big hug and plenty of kisses on those lovely little cheeks.

God Bless
The Pauls, Cape Town

Elriza said...

So glad to hear you guys could have a great Father's day! God's favourites are still praying! Good luck with the chemo on Tuesday!!! And remember: God ALWAYS hears a mother's prayers!

x x x
Elriza & Wes

Anonymous said...

Dear Samm , Mark & Deqlan,

Wow what great news to hear you are going home at last! I am sure you are all very excited. The Lord is busy with great work in all your lives. Deqlan, is mean't for great things and the Lord knows the plan for that precious little treasure of yours. He is keeping you all very close to his heart.

Samm, your prayers are definately heard. There is nothing more powerful than a mother prayng for their child. Every tear that you have cried has been collected and counted by God. He knows what your heartaches and joys are. You are all such wonderful and special people, its great to see God's hand move in your lives, once again proof that God will never leave your side.

Always remeber that you are all loved so much! In some strange way, we as mothers, are some how connected. Please keep your head up.

I pray today:

Heavenly Father,

Please put your loving arms around baby Deqlan as he undergoes chemotherapy. Enfold his tiny body in your light.

Father God, please could you give Sammantha & Mark some more strength to get through the chemotherapy and give them peace and re-assurance that their precious baby boy will be healed.

I pray this all to you today.

In Jesus name.

Let me know if i can do anything for you!

Lots of love
Claire, Stephan & Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hi guy's,

I am so happy that Deqlan has improved and is finally at home. I will be holding thumbs for Tuesday and thinking of you all.

Good Luck, will be praying

Jelenka, Neil & Gianna

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mark, Samm and Deqlan
Thank you Mark and Samm for keeping us up to date on the progress to total recover and healing of your God given gift, Deqlan. May Jesus who loves us, once again take our prayers to His and our Father God, to bless the hands of Doctors who aid in His Work of Healing.
All our love
Vernon, Debbie, Gaynor & Tyler and Robert

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

What fantastic news to hear that Deqlan went home yesterday. We are praying today that all goes well with the start of the treatment. You are constantly in our thoughts. Please give Deqlan a big kiss from all of us. Love you guys more than anything.

Don, Sam and Mia xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi little Deqlan,
It's Aunty Wendy here. I pray that everything went okay today with the chemo, precious child. We are praying for you so so so much.
Lots of love and hugs and kisses xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I am so happy that things are looking up for you guys and that your precious little guy is on the road to recovery.

Hope all went well with his first round of chemo, you were all in our thoughts and prayers.

Take care

God Bless

Lots of hugs and kisses