Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Round 2

It was wonderful to be at home with Deqlan for Sunday and Monday night - is really was- and he loved it just as much - as always, loved seeing the dogs and just being in his own home with know poking and proding and checking temperatures etc

We arrived at Little Company at 9 this morning , checked in and then went to have a new needle inserted into the porto cath - Deqlan didnt mind the needle at all - but was so scared of what was happening as he hates being held down - it was horrible and not something i think he will ever get used to - but luckily was over in a few minutes and nanna, meggie and i managed to calm him down

I had a lovely visit from Tracey today, one of my special post natal class friends and she was so kind to bring Deqlan a gorgeous elephant and some biscuits for us to enjoy - and we got a photo of her son, Luke to put into our prayer book!

Mark was not able to be with us today during the day as he has started a new job in Johannesburg but rushed to us afterwards - Deqlan tried to leap into his arms as soon as he saw Dad walk through the door.

We started the day with vincristine, then some kytril to avoid nausea, and then unto cisplatin which will continue through the night and tommorow morning - we then spend the rest of wed and thursday being rehydrated to avoid damage to the kidneys from the platinum

We had a visit from sister Felicitas again today - Bless her she always comes to see how we are and always tries to make Deqlan laugh.

Deqlan seems to have no side affects , just seems a little tired - but other then that he has had a great day full of laughs and smiles and new words ( we dont understand them yet) but he really had us all laughing and appreciating what an amazing little soul he is - he truly lights up my life and so many others each and every single second of the day - what a privilige it is to be his parents

We have counted 5 teeth trying to get through the gums at the moment so Deqlan is trying to get everything into his mouth - shame it looks so sore!

We met a family here today from Secunda - their 4 year old little girl, Charlise, was also diagnosed with neuroblastoma in April - it took them 6 months od doing tests and going from doctor to doctor to eventually find out - she is on her 5 round of chemo and her eye has also gone back to normal and she seems to be doing very well to - please pray for Charlise and her family to - its comforting to actually chat to other parents we are in the same boat as us

Please also pray for our friends in Texas. Keira's tumor has shrunk considerably and no more trace if cancer in her bones - praise Our Lord - surgery has now been put on the table - please pray for Keiras recovery and guidance for her parents and doctors.

Hope you are all well and will try my best to write again tommorow
sleep tight and please continue to pray for our soldier Deqlan
God Bless and keep you all safely


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Glad to hear all going well and that Deqlan is in such good spirits. Everything that he has gone through and still he talks and smiles and gets excited!! He really is a little angel.

Thinking of you : )


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

All our prayers our being answered. So happy all is going well! You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers!
Have a "super duper" day.

With lots of huggies and kisses.

God Bless

Love Bron

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, Samm & Deqlan,
We are so happy to hear that all is well with Deqlan again. Samm you and Mark have been such a pillar of strength for him and Megan is a sister to be proud of with everything she does for little Deqlan. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday and know that Deqlan has a healing hand over him and that he will soon be up and roaring to go again and the whole episode will feel like a bad dream. Just hang in there a know that you are not alone. Lots of love Graham & Benita

Anonymous said...

Hi lovely family,
I am so relieved to hear that your little soldier is doing so well and facing his "enemy" with such courage. It can't be easy for him with all those nurses, pipes and medicine. Bless his beautiful little heart. And you guys -- you are AN AMAZING FAMILY. We admire you more than you can imagine and continue to pray for all of you. Deqlan will reap the benefits his whole life, of this that he is going through. Yes, it is a priveledge to be a parent -- one cannot know love and commitment until one has children. Bless you all. Loads of love, WENDY & KIDDIES

barbara said...

Thanks so much for the news - we think of you all constantly!Keep well, stay strong and God bless you all. Always with love, barbs xx

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

What an amazing update today. Deqlan is truly an inspiration to us all, as well as his amazing Mommy and Daddy who stand forever faithful and strong. We have you in our thoughts and prayers every minute of every day.
Love you more than words can say.
Don, Sam and Mia xxx