Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday, 19th July 2007 - A SUNBEAM DAY

Deqlan had a good day, with the only real problems being his lack of appetite, especially for solids and his "fighting sleep". He was restless rather than active, but still had a fun time playing with his musical instruments, his train set, garden inspections of the flowers and birdlife, and watching his favourite DVD, Mae-Mae. Nanna put his feet into the very soft sand of the Zen garden and he appeared to love it as he started doing what can only be called a "jive" in order to disperse the sand. Nanna has a "hunch" that Deqlan, in time, will confer the title of "favourite place in Nanna's home" on the Zen garden. We watched "The Lion King" DVD together, but Mommy and Nanna certainly enjoyed it more than Deqlan. Just watch this space in the future though, as we are sure Deqlan will come to love the story and the music as much as we do.

We have a beautiful DVD of Bible Songs sung by children, ( thank you so much again Denise) and to lullaby him to sleep today, Nanna softly sang the tune "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam". How perfectly appropriate are these words as Deqlan is most certainly the most beautiful sunbeam in our lives, and is most certainly the brightest sunbeam for Jesus. Deqlan, at the tender age of 10 months has been the proverbial "sunbeam" in many persons' lives, from bringing some who "did not believe" to their knees and into church again to teaching and showing us how suffering - during his 3 surgeries - has to be bravely endured.

You may remember the words to this very special song:

"Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
To shine on Him each day,
To try in everyway to please Him
At home, at work, at play,
A sunbeam, a sunbeam, Jesus wants me for sunbeam
I'll be a sunbeam for Him"
His courage during his chemotherapy sessions is a most humbling experience with Deqlan having smiles for everyone (without epaulettes on their shoulders) and so radiates as a sunbeam for all the other patients in the ward as well !

We are so blessed to have our precious Deqlan in our lives. His smiles are a "tonic" and now that he can boast evidence of 4 top teeth to match his bottom two, he is as cute as a button whenever he smiles. His is now able to "carve" his way into a raw carrot, biltong, rusks and shortbread. When his appetite returns, we are sure we will see some changes as regards his newly-chosen menu. Every single day we have to share with him adds to our "beautiful book of memories". These blessings give us all the strength, faith and hope to face "the struggle" with an unformiddable passion to live the Word of God in our daily lives, and accept His will in all things.

Deqlan's daily Neupogen injections have commenced again (a six day course) and Nanna gives these with great love, as we all know how important they are to regenerate his bone marrow after its suppression due to the chemo. We are hopeful that round 4 of chemotherapy will be able to commence as planned next Thursday. 26th July, during which the all-important first reassessment will be done in order to ascertain the status of the neuroblastoma as a response to chemotherapy. We ask that your prayers continue and thank you all for your concern, support, and gifts of strength, love and encouragement. These prayers act as "food for our souls" and we are infused with their power and their hope each time you lift Deqlan and his family up in prayers.

Visiting the garden today, Deqlan and Nanna were very surprised to see some green leaves and buds already on the rosebushes. After the harsh winter, it would seem as if they cannot wait to flower - these flowers seem to be in a hurry to bloom, unlike us, who MUST be patient in the waiting - and during Deqlans healing - as it will all be done in HIS time and in HIS way and on HIS terms.

Mommy and Daddy's unconditional courage, determination, faith and hope continues to humble us all; they are an inspiration to our family and we love them dearly.

Posted by Nanna Bev

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