Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday, the 12th July 2007

We had a great eating day today! Nanna used her imagination and mixed some yoghurt into Deqlans cereal which he loved and we got him to eat a bit more of it then usual! We also treated Deqlan to some more of great grandads soup which he loves - followed by avo! In between little pieces of chocolate to reward him for eating so well! Naughty Mom -but as long as he enjoys what he is eating and he is eating thats the main thing!

Grandpa has even commented that his cheeks are looking a little rounder!

Deqlans teeth are very prominent today and we looked in awe at them each time he smiled and laughed - he is going to look to adorable when they are all out! They dont seem to be sore anymore - glad and hope he is pain free for his other teeth for a while to come!

I can officially break some wonderful news.....Meggy is pregnant! Conrad & Meggy expect their first little miracle to arrive around 14 Feb 2008 - they had a scan today and loved seeing their forming little one and hear a very very strong heartbeat ! How exciting and what a miracle we have to look foward to - Conrad and Meggy are going to make the most amazing parents - their love for Deqlan and Logan is incredible - they look after them like they are their own and Deqlan and Logan continue to love and enjoy them more each day

We really miss Logan - not being able to see her every second weekend is heartsore , but luckily Dad got to see her last weekend took her to her favourite restaurant - Spur - shame - she is too young to understand all of this but we continue to ensure she know she is loved very very much

Have a lovely evening and please continue to pray for a complete and permanent healing for our beautiful soldier Deqlan - we cant thank you enough for your unbelievable support - what an army we have fighting for Deqlan - I know Our Lord is listening and may he Bless you all and protect and keep you safe

Lots of Love and God Bless you all

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