Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Just a quick note today to let you know we are home!

We only left the hospital just before 10 last night - so we are exhausted today!

Our next session starts 26 July - we wil be admitted, blood tests done and then we are going to have a scan done of Deqlans abdomen and head to check on the progress of the tumors - i know that they have already shrivelled up and they are screaming as they die so i know we are going to see some progress from the scans. We will then have another 3 rounds of chemo in hospital and then another 3 day visits before the surgery to remove the tumor

Please pray Deqlan blood count is good enough for us to continue with round 4 and that the scans show amazing results! Doctor seems to think he will need some blood next time around as he is getting pale..

Deqlan seems to be ok today, still smiling and laughing but seems to be a little nauseous , and not much of an appetite again - his ear stills seems to be worrying him, but we are busy cutting another tooth so could be that to!

I was at the doc today as my throat has started tingling and sore ears so had to get in before i get worse and make Deqlan sick

Hoping to write a more detailed blog soon - thanks so much again for all your amazing and much appreciated support our loyal army for Deqlan!

We heard from our friend Yolandi, they are still waiting for a final diagnosis on Miluska, but it looks like neuroblastoma or another type of cancer that is not treatable - we ask you to please pray for the best result possible and that chemo will also completely and permanently heal Miluska.

Please continue to pray for us and all of our friends that need each and every prayer.

God Bless - we can do all things through Christ we strengthens us


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear all went well with his third round on Monday and Tuesday. Paise the Lord!
Thanks for keeping us all updated on his progress.

Enjoy your home time.
Hugs and kisses to your little warrior.

God Bless

With love

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

Good to hear that Round 3 went well. Hope you are feeling better soon Samm. It's only natural that you get a 'cold' at such a stressful time, but as you say, you can't afford to have a cold at this crucial time.
Thought I would send you my favourite quote: 'The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor'. So true...
Love you lots
Sam x

Anonymous said...

Hi guy's,

Glad things went well, Samm, hope that you feel better soon and that Deqlan's appetite returns.

We will continue to pray for ALL : )

Neil , Jelenka & Gianna