Thursday, July 19, 2007


Mommy Samm was feeling and looking a little better today, but her pallor reflected her fatigue. Being the outstanding Mommy she is, she swiftly dealt with the pending upper respiratory tract infection yesterday by seeking urgent medical attention - an imperative action to limit any risk of cross-infection for Deqlan. Now Mommy, (just like Meggie, Grandpa and Nanna always do) had to give our Deqlan kisses on his head today. The beautiful baby smell of his hair is positively addictive and when one holds him, it is almost irrestible to NOT kiss him.

Today, Samm found out that she has the same blood group as Deqlan (A positive) and was immediately considering donating blood for the transfusion we are expecting Deqlan to need during his next chemo session. A mother's sacrifice knows no boundaries, despite Samm herself having extremely low blood pressure with a history of anaemia. Such is the love of this mother for her son. Mommy Samm is taking her medicine (and with Nanna as the proverbial "watchdog") and is doing "all the right things" to get well as quickly as possible. Samm is our "miracle Mom" and her commitment as a wife and mother is also demonstrated in her able management of the busy travel agency. Please say an extra special prayer for her quick and full recovery and that God may richly bless her so that she continues to be the best possible wife to Mark, Mother to Deqlan and a blessing to others.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, we ask that you embrace our treasured Samm and fill her with Your love, strength, peace, courage, faith and hope to effect her recovery. And Lord, always let her know how much she is loved by us.

Posted by Nanna (aka Mom to Samm)


Dixie Darlin' said...

Hello- I don't know you, but I came across your blog and wanted to tell you that you are all in my prayers. I was a pediatric oncology nurse for 10 years and am taking some time off right now to raise my 2 girls, but I really miss the kids at the hospital. Your son is adorable and seems so precious. God bless all of you and He will take care of you. Keep your faith strong.

Anonymous said...

Hi Samm,

Hope you get well soon! You are an amazing mom and inspiration to us all!
Take care of yourself and your little soldier.
With lots of love


Karen said...

Dearest Samm,

Hope that this weekend gives you the opportunity to rest and recooperate, so that you will feel good as new again real soon! We know that Deqlan has the best Mommy he could possibly hope for!! (What a lovely message from Dixie Darlin'). Isn't it awesome the way God has surrounded you with supportive, caring people. I know he is constantly watching over you and healing Deqlan each moment!

Love and blessings to all,
Karen xx

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
So very grateful to hear that the little one got through yet another round of chemo with absolute courage. Samm, I'm sorry to hear that you have been unwell - see this for what it is. The devil trying to get you down physically, because he cannot get you down spiritually. I wish you all a restful, happy weekend and just know you are all in our prayers constantly.
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Samm

We hope you feel better soon. We will be praying for you guys.

If you need safe donors, Neil is willing to have his blood tested for possible donation. It would have to be him as I "pass out" for days - ha ha. Seriously just give me a call if you need.