Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Anonymous said...

This is so special and I'm sure it was a blessing to you all. What a blessing that God's grace is enough for us all....

Lots of love,
Karen. xx

Anonymous said...

Happy 10 months old today (11 July)Deqlan : )

So glad that things are going better and that he can do normal things again like have a proper bath, they really do love their baths.

We will keep praying


Anonymous said...

Hallo beautiful Deqlan

Happy 10 months old (11 July 2007). You are such a little warrior and a true inspiration for us all. Good things have been planned for your life and I believe that you are going to grow up a 'fisherman of men', especially with two such amazingly faithful people (aka: Mama Bear and Papa Bear) to guide you on your way. We love you lots, and even though you don't see us much, you are in our thoughts every minute of every day and are as close to our hearts as little Mia is.

Keep smiling angel.

Don, Sam and Mia xxx