Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wednesday, the 4th of July 2007

Happy Birthday America (4th of July) ...

We started off the day a bit later than normal as Deqlan and I were both tired from being woken up in the night to check temperature and blood pressure ... my temperature and blood pressure are fine and Deqlan's too.( ha ha Marks since of humor)

Deqlan is in a wonderful mood, laughing most of the time and smiling the rest, and is more himself everyday.

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(Deqlan typed the above message especially for his readers)
He LOVES typing on the computer - he watches me do it all day and loves to get a chance himself!

We are enjoying every second with him he is just so amazing and full of new words and laughs and smiles - he is eating and drinking a little more each day and we are starting to see some more "meat" on him now - Dr De Jager has suggested that I cook vegies and fruit myself for Deqlan as he should enjoy it alot more and its healthier! Hoping to fit this new regimen into my routine somewhere! Deqlan grabbed my dinner this evening - vegie stir fry and so enjoyed the noodles he tasted for the first time - I used to be quite pedantic about what he ate to avoid allergies - but have let that slide a bit and now offer him some of this and some of that - tonight an offer of my pudding - he loved the chocolate mousse today and we snuck in a few tastes of chocolate! He loves apple juice and is so proud of himself when i offer him a sip out of my glass!

Dr De Jager thought that Deqlan might need platelets today but thank Our Lord his blood results came back great and no need for a platelet transfusion this round - thank Our Lord - his blood level still fine at 10.1. We have been scheduled to return for round 3 16 July& 17 July

We are very excited to return home tommorow and once again be in our own space !

Now we are off to sleep for the evening and hope you all sleep well to! Thank you once again for all your sms,calls, emails, posts and above all your love , support and prayers - they are working - Our God is so wonderful and I know he is protecting Deqlan and us every step of the way

God Bless you all and lots of love
Please remember to pray for all Deqlans friends and their families to - Keira, Charlise, Koketso , Sarmone, Yolanda,Miluska and all of the other children needing our prayers and Blessings from above


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys

Another good news day. Neil saw Deqlans photos for the first time today and commnented on how happy and healthy Deqlan looks, for a boy that has been thru so much hardship.

We will keep you in our prayers.

Jelenka, Neil and Gianna

Elriza said...

That is great news! Hope you guys enjoy every minute at home!!!!

Lots of Love!
Wes and Elriza

barbara said...

GLORIOUS NEWS and ALL PRAISE and THANKS to our WONDERFUL LORD, SAVIOUR and HEALER!!! God BLESS you and your time at home especially. We love you more every day!!! THANKS for keeping us all up to date! Love always
barbs xx

Anonymous said...

You guys are an inspiration to all of us!!! Thank the Lord for everything he has done for Deqlan and you all so far.
Glad to hear you are all in high spirits!

In our thoughts and prayers 24/7
Take care
With lots of Love
God Bless
P.s. Enjoy your "home" time

Anonymous said...

Howzit guys

All I can say is: FANTASTIC NEWS! The Lord is answering all the many prayers that have gone around the world for little Deqlan. May he continue to grow in strength, and may you and Mark continue to uphold your spirit that you have now. I have said it many times before, but we are so proud of all of you, that you are able to look on the bright side of life in your darkest hours. We love you and miss you more than anything. Love Sam x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great news. Wonderful to hear that Deqlan is much better and doing well.
Keep up the good spirit and enjoy your time back home.

You are all still in our prayers.

God Bless
The Pauls
Cape Town

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Bless you all and the little soldier for bravely once again, facing another dose of chemicals. He is the most amazing little child, that he can still laugh and be happy during such an upheavel in his life. You are all amazing and yes, God is smiling down on you for putting this in His hands and letting him "steer". God bless and enjoy going home and spending time together in your own environment. Lots and lots of love, Wends