Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday, the 25th of July 2007

Hello All

Today marks exactly 2 months ago that we heard that Deqlan had stage 4S Neuroblastoma - we actually sat down and took count of all Deqlan has been through in the last 2 months

- visit to peadiatrician who diagnosed conjunctivitis!
- visit to eye specialist who suggested we wait 1 month before re looking your eye - thank Our Lord we did not wait that month
- mr scan - had to sedate him twice in order to do a second round of scans
- mibg scan where they injected radioactive material into his little body
- surgery to insert porto cath, laporoscopy that didnt work, laporotomy to get biopsy of tumor on adrenal gland, bone marrow aspiration
- surgery to fix a blockage caused by laporoscopy!!
- blood transfusion
- surgery to fix hernea created by trying to fix laporoscopy!!!!
- 3 rounds of chemo
- countless drawing of blood, drips inserted, urine and stool tests
- had istotech ( liquid food through a drip/porto cath) as he couldnt eat and lost a lot of weight
...and today...he rolled off the bed and has two little carpet burns and his little forehead to prove it!!!!!!!!

I was devastated- i was trying to erect the camping cot to prevent him for getting into danger and murphies while i was trying to prevent something happening this happened ! Thank Our Lord he is fine -I dont know what I was thinking! Silly and Tired Mom.... A lot of people have assured me this has happened to their kids before but I still feel awful about it!

I am AMAZED at all my little soldier has gone through, and he is still laughing and smiling and continues to be the light of my life - i learn something every day from him - his fighting spirit blows me away - he is already my hero at 10 months old, and will always be, God definitely chose Deqlan for a reason -he is the bravest, strongest, most courageous person i know - I love you with all my heart my Darling Boy - I knew I loved you before I met you - I knew that you where something extraordinary the day you where placed into my arms, 11 Sep 2006.You have already gone through more then our whole family put together, and more - Never ever ever forget how much I love and treasure you - I promise to take the best possible care of you ( never to roll off the bed again!!! ha ha ha) I promise to continue to teach you about Our Lord and Father God and I promise you we are going to get you better because our Faith is so strong and I believe with all my heart By Jesus Stripes YOU WILL BE HEALED!!!


Please say an extra special prayer for us tonight that Deqlans blood counts are good enough for us to go ahead with the 4th round of chemo, that he sails through as he has done the previous 3 rounds and that the scan shows fantastic progress.Please pray that Dr Dejager makes the correct decisions on where to from here and the correct doses of chemo to give to continue on our road to total and permanent health.

Sleep tight, lets stand together army , Deqlan can fight any battle with the Lord and with you all next to him

God Bless, All our love, till tommorow


Anonymous said...


We are all praying extra hard for you all today, I am sure he is going to sail through it all!
Samm, its happened to all of us (Deqlan falling off the bed) so dont feel bad!
Thinking of you all
Lts of love

barbara said...

hi there samm! i had to smile about deq rolling off the bed! My son graham was at a friend's house and fell asleep on the couch and to this day he has a little scar above his nose, on his forehead where he fell off onto a lego Christmas tree!!!!!!! Yeah, it happens!!! Boys will be boys and just wait til he wants to play rugby and skateboard into the air off ramps etc!!!!!!! God bless you all today, we are expecting a great report! God is in a good mood and we will rejoice together in Him and give Him all the glory for deqlan's miracle. love you, barbs xx

Anonymous said...

HI Sam, waiting to hear the results, holding thumbs : ). I would really like to see Deqlan but I dont want to be a pain so let me know when is convenient : )Love Lisa & Dale xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Samm,
Shame man - it's so so normal to let your child fall off the bed and then also so so normal to feel bad afterwards. Join the club of the "feel bad mommies" - we've all been there. But you know what, LOVE IS EVERYTHING. None of us can be perfect, the idea is to put our children in HIS HANDS, every day, every moment. You are a wonderful mother and God chose YOU to be the mommy to Deqlan - because you are a perfect match. God bless you all and with all my heart, I pray that all will go well with the tests and that the tumors are shrinking away before your very eyes. There is no space and no place in God's children, for these evil things. God bless and take good care.
Lots and lots of love, WENDY