Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday 11th July 2007 - 10 MONTH'S OLD TODAY

At precisely 08h17rs today, our precious Deqlan Ross Higgins was 10 months old. Not even the bitterly cold morning could dampen our joy as he and Mommy arrived at Nanna's home who greeted them with a modified version of "Happy Birthday" to sing "Happy 10 months today" !
Deqlan's huge smile was our reward and with a burst of energy had a quick look around to ensure all his toys and games in his giant playpen (made by Grandpa himself, piece by piece of wood, bead by bead in abacus form set at intervals and different levels on all four panels - and assisted by Daddy in the assembly part) were as he left them the previous day. The large fan in the lounge has always been an attraction for Deqlan, from the earliest days when he had begun to focus his eyes on specific objects. There is something about fans which fascinate him, but of course, at this time of year, they are not operational, and have given way to careful use of the air conditioners and/or oil heaters to maintain an even temperature throughout his "home in the week" - Grandpa and Nanna's home.

Deqlan enjoyed his "special day" and got to experiment with many different foods and textures. His appetite, previously large, has definitely decreased as a result of the chemo, so Mommy and Nanna have had to practice trial and error in the frequency and quantity of foods. Today, Deqlan enjoyed a variety of old and new tastes, ranging from caramel cereal, to lamb and vegetables, to mashed avocado, to great-grandpa's home made soup, to sampling some carob and some full cream white chocolate. The concentration on Deqlan's face and his jaw movements inform one very promptly if the food is favoured with real gusto, merely favoured at a push or not favoured at all.

Deqlan still seems to be very tired and must still regain his previous energy levels, all in good time. We try and get him to rest and avoid over-stimulation so he can play with his toys in a relaxed manner. He has good quality naps throughout the day and this can only serve as a boost to his immune system. He seems to be slowly regaining weight, evidenced by the roundness of his cheeks and their beautiful rosy colour. Indeed, to observe Deqlan sleeping is a privilege, an honour and a blessing, as he looks angelic. Deqlan is certainly a beautiful baby boy, and one marvels at God's magnificent creation of this prayerful child of God, and soldier and warrior for Jesus.

Yesterday, the 10 year old son of an admin employee at Uncle Conrad's business sent a toy for Deqlan, purchased via a serious accumulation of his pocket money over the past few weeks which he had specifically saved. Thank you so much Lourens; Deqlan loved your present of a "buzzing and colourful butterfly" and the creation of your very own card. We will keep your card and add it to Deqlan's amazing story of courage, bravery and victory. God bless you for being so kind and please continue to ask Jesus to heal Deqlan.

Grandpa arrived from work with a new bath for Deqlan as well as some new DVD's which were viewed by us all before lunch. Deqlan adores the musical DVD's and soaks up all the harmony created by the various musical instruments. Even at his tender age, he appreciates the serenity of classical music, especially, Beethoven, Bach and Strauss. He also loves his gospel songs, especially, "Jesus loves me, This I know, for the bible tells me so!" and "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam". Mommy, Nanna and Megs sing along with gay abandon and the trio performance gets a few raised eyebrows from Deqlan now and again, just stopping short of the look which says "girls, do NOT give up your day jobs!". Grandpa and Deqlan have started their very own form of communication with the development of a "language", with Deqlan imitating Grandpa's verbal chanting of sounds. Guess who is first to "run out of steam" ?

He is fascinated by the antics of the dogs at Nanna's house and their mere "running riot" outside or their exposure allowed in only certain areas of the house, always results in a huge grin of delight. Deqlan's fascination extends to anything and everything which is a wheel or has a wheel shape. To this end, he delights in placing his little finger or thumb on a moving wheel to get it to stop - this game even extends to the wheels of his battery operated toy train, friction powered cars or any pull-along toy which rolls.

Today, Deqlan completed his second round of bone-marrow-regenerating injections and Mommy and Nanna once again salute his bravery and courage of the past 6 days since this course of injections commenced. Deqlan has enjoyed "a normal week" at home and faces his third round of chemotherapy next Monday, 16th July 2007 and most likely, there will be another course of these injections to complete. Concerning Deqlan's healing journey, whatever NEEDS to be done, IS done, and will continue TO BE DONE, with pure devotion and dedication, with love, with hope, and with the utmost faith that our Lord hears every prayer that is prayed for Deqlan's recovery.

Mommy and Daddy are feeling stronger, unconditionally commited to the most powerful faith and hope, and are more adamant than ever that God has already healed their beautiful son. They understand so very well the fact that faith comes from and is strengthened by reading and studying the word of God, and by "putting feet to their prayers". They also know that faith goes beyond merely believing but by putting this faith into practice on a daily basis. Mere belief can be passive, but faith must be active - FAITH ACTS ON WHAT IT BELIEVES. FAITH GUARANTEES VICTORY as it instantly summons God's miracle-working power. God assures us that He will reward full-of-faith prayers because they show dependance on Him for healing and the belief is there that God WILL work the miracle, even if it will be in His way, in His time and on His terms. God bless Mommy Samm and Daddy Mark and may their FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE, be a source of continual and continous strength to them, and may God cause their cups to runneth over with these and other blessings.

We ask that your devotional prayers contuinue for our precious Deqlan and his whole family, and thank everyone for their priceless gift of the blessings of prayer.

Posted by Nanna (aka Bev, Mom and Nanna).


Elriza said...

Happy Birthday little warrior! Hope you have a fantastic day and I'm sure mom and dad spoiled you rotten!!!

Wes & Elriza

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the big 10!! Love Dale and Lisa xxx

barbara said...

Hi! I can't believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone! The next time we turn around the little guy will be ONE YEAR already!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless you for the wonderful newsy update and we all share in your joy and delight in the young man's progress even as we also share in your faith trust and belief that he has already been healed by the wounds made on Jesus' back. See 1 Peter 2:24. Continuing in love and prayer, barbs xx