Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday, the 22nd July 2007

We had a great weekend!

Deqlan continues to make us laugh and smile and beam with joy - his only word ( that we can make out ) at the moment is mamma - but the way he is saying it changes now - we know when he wants something and when he just wants to chat - its so cute to watch - I love him more and more each minute of the day!

Deqlan " attended" his first Birthday party for his friend Peyton who turns 1 tommorow. We went to deliver the gift and Deqlan slept in the car - we unfortunatley couldnt take Deqlan into the party as his immune system could be compromised and we have been told to avoid contact with little ones. So we will be dropping off gifts for all of Deqlans little friends so they know we are there in spirit! We recieved a lovely party pack full of Barney goodies and a purple balloon which Deqlan thoroughly enjoyed! He LOVES balloons! We are going to have 2 Birthday Parties for Deqlan - 1 now in Sep and another when he is healed and better so we can have all the kids over and its going to be amazing - cant wait to see Deqlans face with all I have planned!!!

We recieved another gift today from Denise, the most stunning cd called And Jesus Healed The All, Healing Praise for Your Children - how beautiful and special - Thank you again Denise, we love it and I cant wait to continue listening to it tommorow on the way to Nanna! This cd is unbelievably specail and continues to praise my favourite verse at the moment, BY JESUS STRIPES, DEQLAN IS HEALED!

We also recieved the most cutest pair of shoes i ordered a few weeks ago - Deqlan finds ways to get out of his shoes and socks - he loves being bare foot and loves not having clothes on, but in winter i have to insist he has something on - so hopefully these shoes stay on they are really stunning and im sure very comfy to!

We where so happy to be able to distract Deqlan with his very lamp today, while Nanna gave the neupogen injection, that he didnt even make a sound - i hate hearing my precious cry after these injections , although its not to bad, we think the alcohol swab to wipe the area already tells his mind whats coming! tommorow is the last 1 for this round, thank goodness!

Please continue to pray for our beautiful boy and extra special prayers for Thursday, that Deqlans blood count is great so we can go ahead with round 4 and that we see fantastic improvement on the scans they are going to do - promise to keep you all up to date! Please continue to pray for all of Deqlans friends that need all our prayers and support to!

Have a lovely week ahead and thanks to all of you who continue to send your messages,calls, posts, emails through and above all your prayers - what a wonderful army we have fighting this with Deqlan

All our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


barbara said...

hi there, what a lovely news report. Thank you for keeping us all up to date. Yes, God cannot lie and He says Deqlan has already been healed by the stripes of Jesus. You gotta believe you got it b4 you will ever get it! See Romans 4 where God says HE calls the things that do not exist as tho they already did! Even if you do not "see" healing on the scans, remember that the things that are seen - sickness and disease - are temporary and subject to change, the things that are not seen - perfect healing - are eternal and will last forever. Therefore we keep our eyes firmly fixed on the Word of our God and believe by faith that deq has been healed. Faith is the evidence of those things not yet seen!!! Hallelujah!!
God bless you all and keep you all well and in divine health. love you barbs xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Samm

What a happy blog today. We will keep Deqlan in our prayers for the next round of chemo. Please give him a big cuddle from us.
Continue to keep your amazing spirit my friend. You and Mark are an inspiration to us all!!!

Love you more than words can say.

Sam x

Karen said...

Hi Guys!

My prayer for you today (Thurs) is perfect peace - resting in the Lord. I also pray that the tumor will have shrivelled significantly - by God's healing touch, so that it is permanent... never to return!!

All my love and blessings to you today. Karen xx