Thursday, July 26, 2007

Round 4

We arrived here this morning at 0830 and had a bit of a wait as DR was a very busy man this morning as he always is- Deqlan was so good he didnt even moan about not eating for 6 hours ( we had to keep him nil per mouth for the scan) He was not very happy about putting the porto cath needle in or Doctor doing his usual check ups on Deqlan and cried the whole way through, but luckily Dada was here this morning to try and cheer his boy up

We got the good news that Deqlans blood count was fine to go ahead with the 4th round - the counts are low, but still within the normal limits - his blood level is 9.9 so no need for blood transfusion this round either - yipee!

We waited a llooonnnggg time for them to tell us to go to xrays and Deqlan started to moan as he was now starving ! When the Sister Evans said, of course he can eat/drink something! So we where a little annoyed that we starved poor Deqlan for nothing!

Anyway, we got to the ct scan and he had to drink some awful liqorice smelling iodine to highlight the organs for the scan - needless to say he didnt even finish half - they had to sedate him a little, so that he would lie still for the scans

I had absolute visions of horror whilst standing waiting for the scan to start - it took me back to 25 May when Mom and I and Deqlan went through the MRI scan - but luckily this one wasnt even 5 minutes and no loud noises that could be engraved in my brain like the MRI did

Deqlan sleep for another 2 hours and was very happy to have a normal bottle of milk when he woke up- he had a great afternoon with loads of energy and just wants to climb on everything , walk, run, you name it !

We waited very very very patiently the whole afternoon for the results, and unfortunately nothing had arrived by the time Dr De Jager had to leave! We had to remind ourselves to be patient,its In THE LORDS TIME - NOT OURS!

We know the results are in and we eagerly await to see Dr De Jager tommorow morning - promise to update you all as soon as we have spoken to him

I cant thank you all enough for your continued calls, sms, emails, posts and above all YOUR PRAYERS - THEY ARE WORKING - OUR LORD IS HEALING OUR DEQLAN - BY JESUS STRIPES DEQLAN IS HEALED ! PRAISE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!

Hope you all sleep very well and cant wait to share the great news with you all tommorow!
Lots of love, Gods richest Blessings on you all
Samm a.k.a Mama!


Elriza said...

Thanx so much for the wonderful updates! Can't wait to get the results! I must say that I admire your strength and faith. We can all take some lessons from you. Your faith is what will carry you through.

Lots of Love
Wes and Elriza

barbara said...

yes Lord! What good news already that his blood count is ok and no transfusion needed! Thank You Jesus! Waiting eagerly for mre news and may you all stay strong in health, strong in faith, and strong in soul! love you very much
barbs xx