Sunday, July 15, 2007

Me and My Pop!


Anonymous said...

Deqlan & Family,
We came to your site from Keira's. We wanted to wish you a successful round of chemo - one with little discomfort and great results! Our girl Kate begins her fifth round tomorrow. One of your family members posted some beautiful words on Keira's guestbook. They were:

Always remember:
Trust: in MY timing.
Rely: on MY promises.
Wait: for MY answers.
Believe: in MY Miracles.
Rejoice: in MY goodness.
Relax: in MY presence.

You have no idea how wonderful it was for us to read these words too. I hope you don't mind me posting them on our Caring Bridge site this evening - they are just the words we need to remember as we start our second course of chemo. Our best wishes to Deqlan and your whole family on beating the NB beast!
Karen, Kate and family

Karen said...

Thanks for all the lovely pics of Deqlan. What a treat to see his smiling, happy face!

Our prayers and thoughts are with you all during this next round of chemo.

We truly trust in God's healing of Deqlan hour by hour...

Much love and blessings,
Karen. xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely pics of "the man" - he is truly beautiful. Will be praying for you during his next round of chemo - and continue to trust that God has His gentle hand beneath Deqlan 24/7, carrying him and all of you through this very harrowing time. God bless you all.
Wendy and kiddies

Anonymous said...

What a handsome young chap you are young Deqlan!!!

You are all in our thoughts and prayers today with the next round of chemo being administered! I am sure all is going well.

God Bless