Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday, the 16th July 2007

"LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE" The 3rd round has begun! Deqlan was given the all clear this morning after the blood tests - his blood looks great and we could proceed with the chemo

Deqlan was a star at putting the porto cath needle in - but cried and protested as we had to hold him still to have it put in and to have his check up!

Its a very busy day here today, we met another friend, Ilse who is 13 and has cancer in her hip- she has been going through chemo since november last year. What a lovely girl! Deqlan was definitely taken by her and was playing with her lovely woolen hat and even put his arms out to go to her. He was quite happy sitting in Ilse's arms and the two of them definitely have a connection already.Koketso, our friend with lymphblastoma , is looking great - the difference in his eye and face is fantastic and so inspiring! Our friend Charlise, the 4 year old little girl also with neuroblastoma arrives tommorow for her treatment , looking foward to seeing her and checking in on her progress.

We recieved a lovely message from another family in the USA , with a beautiful daughter Kate, also neuroblastoma - she also started another round of chemo this morning - we recieved lovely words from them and ask you to continue to keep all our friends in your prayers for Deqlan and please add Kate on to.

Keira, had the majority of her tumor removed last week and is doing very well - her parents are waiting the results of the biopsy of the remainder of this tumor to determine the next step - please pray for fantastic results!

Please also pray for Miluska and her parents, we are waiting to hear results from the surgery she had last week to remove the tumor close to her kidneys

Deqlan seemed to sail through the chemo today - with lots of smiles and cheeky grins - his two top teeth are clearly visible now and he looks as cute as ever ! He is full of gorgeous expressions, curiosity and he just makes my heart fill with love and happiness each time i look at him! He kept Nanna and Meggy and Grandpa highly entertained today ! He definitely has a mischevous streak in him and fights when he doesnt get his way - the latest in the protesting is clothes ( which he has always dislike)and nappy changes - it takes me a good few minutes to pin him down long enough for the nappy change - mark snapped a photo tonight of Deqlan in his Birthday suite helping me update the blog !!

Deqlan just seemed to be very tired this afternoon and had a looonnnggg sleep - which is great cause you heal when you sleep!

We started the day with vincristine as normal, then moved onto etoposide, then onto a new drug called chlorophosphimide - we are now having an infusion of medicine to protect Deqlan from the harmful effects this specific drug could have on his bladder. We have another etoposide tommorow for 4 hours and then we can go home tommorow afternoon.

We will be back in about 2 weeks i suspect - where we have the 4th round and the very important re assessment - Dr De Jager what type of scan we are going to do , but probably a MRI scan to check on the progress of the tumor on the adrenal gland and the secondary on his eye - I know the results are going to show a great improvement and cant wait to see this thing shrinking and fading away ! Wil confirm details once doc has given them to us

Well let me sign off for the evening - sleep tight, God Bless and please continue to pray for our gorgeous Deqlan

Sacred heart of Jesus, we place our trust on thee, all for thee Oh Lord, Oh My Jesus , all for me

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