Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A VERY busy weekend!

Mr and Mrs Young dancing their first dance. We were honored to go to the wedding of such special people that found such happiness and love in each other! Congrats Coreen and Grant , and many many more happy healthy years together! It was a stunning wedding, Coreen, you looked like a real life princess, and Grant very dashing indeed!
A lovely photo of Wes and Elriza
Some of the stunning flowers, was so so pretty!
I love this photo, Mark making Meggie and me laugh
Me with the beautiful bride, Coreen, she really looked breathtaking. I asked Coreen, how she managed to be so happy and jovial and full of life ALL THE TIME and she told me its because she is so blessed! I have learnt so much from that and i hope my happiness and gratefulness can also be for the world to see!
Mark, Grant and Conrad - Grant made the most beautiful speech that had lots of people crying ( not only the afrikaans ones Grant!)

Dale with little Cole in his tux! He looked so beautiful and was as good as gold!
The table - but the photos dont do it justice the pink and green was so beautiful!

The table we sat at - FAITH! how beautiful, we were so excited by this!
The bridal party with Coreens sisters and Grants brothers
Cutting the cake
For the first time,Mr and Mrs Young
Exchanging rings ( Hi Loren!)

It was also Nats Birthday on saturday so i went past to say a quick hello! Deqlan fell asleep on the way there so Dada took him home.We had a tough morning with Deqlan, he was so frustrated and threw tantrum after tantrum, i felt so bad, bad had to say no to certain things that Deqlan wanted and he was just so upset by my no's, definitely more then usual. I read that these tantrums are not just behaviours, they are communication. We working on prevention instead of intervention!
Nix holding her gorgeous neice Abigail
Aunty Monica, such a proud granny!
Nix and Josh ! Look how he has grown, he is so peaceful and content and beautiful!
Carol and Abi - Carol just arrived from London and was meeting all the small kids for the first time!

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