Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Red, Yellow, Green , Blue

a little taste of the big surprise Grandpa is working on...can you guess what is going to be?? i cant thank You and Mom enough Dee for this gift of love , i know how much time and love and effort you have put into this, cant wait to show everyone!
Keaton having a whale of a time in the jacuzzi

Grandpa and his little guys

I wish you could see how much Deqlan and Keaton love being in the jacuzzi with Grandpa and i wish you could hear the laughter...
Grandpa showing Deqlan how to kick his legs in the water, he is working very hard at helping Deqlan to swim!

I think we figured out why Deqlan likes lining things up in a specific colour order- red, yellow, green and blue... its the order that the Telly Tubbies line up in!!! I may be wrong, but i noticed it the other night when Deqlan was watching his foursome of friends. Its not half as much as what he was doing, but he is still enjoying seeing the display of colours in his trains and other toys.
As you can see by the picture, Grandpa is working on a big surprise for Deqlan...all will be revealed on Friday for Deqlans birthday! Cant believe in 3 days our beautiful boy will be 3! What an absolute gift and blessing, we cant wait to celebrate with you precious boy!
The boys have been loving the warmer weather cause that means they can get wet - most days have had a jacuzzi session, with Deqlans longest being 2 hours !!! We just couldnt get him out. Deqlan splashes and kicks and jumps and Keaton has also started splashing now. Keaton has been going to swimming classes for some time now , so Meggie was showing us all the he can do, including swimming under water and he has the biggest smile when he comes up.
My Mom is down with a virus at the moment, and we pray she feels lots better soon soon! So i am working from home this week, and trying to do lots of party stuff at the same time! Cant wait!
Deqlans new words:
LI - the beginning of saying Lion
Have a lovely day everyone
God Bless
Love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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