Monday, September 14, 2009

My big surprise from Grandpa

Is this all for me?
Check out the wheels!

Grandpa and Nanna and Deqlan on his first ride in Thomas

With all the bells and whistles, Deqlan was in awe that Thomas had everything that he should have, he did a thorough inspection! You did a AMAZING job Grandpa!
A very proud Dee and his Thomas!
Grandpa and Nanna putting on the final touches
Securing the face

Hello Deqlan Fans,

i can now unveil the new member of our family, everyone, meet Thomas, the train that Grandpa so lovingly built for Deqlan. He is to beautiful for words and the pictures really dont do him justice, you have to see him to believe him! He of course had centre stage at Deqlans party this weekend and the kids adored him. Everyone asked where we got him or where we hired him from, and i was so very very proud to tell them that Deqlans Grandpa made it with his own two hands, with help from Nanna. from scratch. Dee, we cant thank you enough for this gift of love and for all the time and devotion you put into creating this work of art for Deqlan, we love you so very much, thank you!

A message to Grandpa from Deqlan :

My Amazing Grandpa
Thank you so so so very much for the beautiful surprise you built for me and Keaton to play in! My Mama told me you were working on something very very special, but i just couldnt guess what ! She told me that you put many, many months and hours into making Thomas just PERFECT.AND PERFECT HE IS. The love you put into every single stroke of paint, the shiny gold numbers so proud above the head, the hooters and even multi coloured wheels. When i look at Thomas Grandpa, i see how much you love me and it takes my breath away. I know you would do anything for me, and you already have done everything for me and my mama and dada to make sure that i am looked after and happy and healthy and there are not even thank you's i could give you for that. You also give me the chance to have my Nanna as my teacher . I feel so loved by you and i always treasure you as the one who taught me how to do high fives, my jacuzzi partner, the person that makes sure i have every treat i am allowed, so i always have biscuits and juice, my friend and my Grandpa. I love you so much and i promise you i will treasure Thomas forever. I am so proud of him and so proud of you. All my love and hugs and kisses to you Grandpa, Boo Boo Boy Deqlan

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Nanna and Grandpa said...

To our darling and precious Deqlan,

Thank you for Grandpa's beautiful message. He will treasure your words always and keep them close to his heart as a very special ray of sunshine, just as you are to him. It was pure joy to build you Thomas and we are very happy that you like him and we hope you will be able to enjoy lots and lots of fun aboard this "very useful engine". A big thank you to Conrad who sponsored the wood for Thomas and a big thank you to Louise for giving us such a good outline from which to perfect Thomas's face.

This was a project undertaken with great love, pride, delight and joy. It is our honour and privilege big boy !!!! Hopefully you and Keaton will get as much use out of Thomas as possible and when Thomas is ready for an overhaul, he will have to come back to Grandpa's workshop (or station) to make him all shiny and new once more.

We love you immeasurably, eternally and unconditionally.

All our love,

Grandpa and Nanna