Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hello Everyone

How are you all doing? It has been a loonnngg while since i sat down and wrote a post on how our precious Deqlan is doing - the answer is GREAT!

Deqlan is a lot more verbal at the moment, he is really attempting to say a lot of what we say and a lot of new words emerge each day. He is interacting more, he is understanding a lot more things, we know he knows a lot more then what he shows the world....

Some of his newest words include;
bbc - like the british tv channel - he points as he says each letter B , B , C
LG -LIFES GOOD - oh this is to cute for words - LG like the electronic brand, Deqlan has always loved, but no he is saying the slogan to LIFES GOOD - yes it is my boy, its great
SAMSUNG - could be a bit of competition between the two hey?
NO - and very clearly to! when Deqlan wants to smack me, because he is excited, not because he is being naughty, or when he wants to throw something, he is so used to me saying no, he now does the action and the word, no at the same time!
MEGGIE - he touches Megs car, then says Meggie, then touches my car and says Mamma!
3,2,1 - yip, Deqlan can count backwards
11 & 12 - in addition to numbers 1 through ten, he can now say eleven and twelve
CHA - for change - while wathching his cedarmont kids songs, if he isnt fond of the song, he will say CHA and we got to change to the next one - his favorite song at the moment is SKINA MARINK I DINK - forgive the spelling, i dont know if there is even a correct way to spell it!
TEDDIES - will explain below

Deqlan is loving music at the moment - he is humming along to the songs on his dvds and has even starting putting in words to the songs i hum and at the end of the song, he sings PUM PUM - do end the song off!

He continues to love Kowee chanel, the afrikaans chanel on dstv - i sing the la la la la part of the them song for Teddies and then Deqlan so beautifully and so sweetly fills the words in, " teddies, teddies, teddies pum pum' TO BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDS

Deqlan continues to love ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, but it has to be sung and acted out by Nanna to get the biggest smile and enjoyment !

Our little guy loves tucking Nanna and i into Nanna and grandpas bed to watch his dvds with him, and we have to lie in our assigned sides of the bed and our heads have to be down, while Deqlan ensure he has two pillows on his tummy - again, to do with the need for feeling deep pressure, he also wants us to lie on him to get this feeling when he needs it.

Deqlans tummy has been a bit upset the last few days - typical candida nappies, but he hasnt eaten anything, that we know of , to cause this and his behaviour doesnt match a candida flare up - so we will just keep an eye on it.

We gave him some cold beef slices the other day, which we thought might be a welcome change to the only handful of things he does eat, he gladly ate it, but his tummy sure wasnt glad about it and it came all back again. We also tried sweet potatoe, even hiding it in mince balls, but Deqlan could even pick the taste up this way and wouldnt touch them. Deqlans tummy is so sensitive, you can only imagine what wheat and dairy and sugar and soya and yeast could do to him and how yucky it could make him feel.

Deqlan is excelling at the table work Nanna so lovingly does with him everyday - we were treated to some of his skills, when Nanna casually brought some items out for Deqlan to play with - Liezl, our home intervention therapist asked Nanna to aim at Deqlan building 3 block towers - well my friends, the sky is the limit - Deqlan will build and build until each block has been put on the tower! He can also do quite a tricky fishy puzzle - you need to fish the pieces out with a fishing rod - he does this with such ease - Nannas face lights up at all the things Deqlan can now do, which he couldnt before she started the table work with him - she is SO proud, and mom I am so proud of you and i cant thank you enough for what you are doing with and for Deqlan, its priceless and Deqlan is going to reach his full potential because of you!

i still have to post the photos of Deqlans birthday party - but there are over 300, so its taking me a while to get through them all,but i promise sooner then later!

Have a lovely day everyone, God Bless and love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,Mark and Deqlan and Bev,
Dont we serve a mighty God.
God gave you the promise from Joel that " He will restore the years the locusts have Eaten in Deqlans life,and He is certainly doing it .
Hand in there when things are difficult hang on to the promise.
Thinking and praying for you all.
LOts of love Ruth xxx

rhenda Elsayed said...

Dear Sam,Deqlan and family,
So happy to hear Deqlan is doing good,he is growing into one fine young man!May God keep him safe and away from all harm,may he grow to be one of the best,and may he see only happiness! I'm so excited and full of joy,God has finally awnswered our prayers ,did you know that ali is in remission!! God is great! his next scans are due in one year...i'm so thankful everyday for this blessing.take care Sam and thank you so much for all your prayers it truly helped!
love as always,
rhenda,ali and family